Weed Grilled Cheese

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hummercash, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. well, for dinner last night i made myself some weed grilled cheese. i put like 1.5-2g of schwag and simmered it in half a stick of butter... then soaked up the butter w/ the bread, made my grilled cheese and ate. like 1.5 hours later i started feeling it.

    i called up a friend and just started laughing into the phone, so she decided to come over w/ her other friend and chill for a bit. so she came over and i packed blue (my agent blue) cuz she wanted to smoke outta that. she doesn't smoke that often so she had never smoked outta something like blue and wanted to try it. well, i don't think she got that high, just a little buzzed but she had to go soon anyway. so we go back inside my house and end up just laughing for like an hour. the chick that wasn't high almost pissed herself we were laughing so much. good times.

    so anyway, they go cuz the one girl has to be home by 9 or else her mom goes apeshit. so i go watch half baked and cannabis cup dvds then fall asleep. meanwhile, the entire house smells like weed even tho i tried to cover up the smell as best i could. so anwyay, i sorta remember my mom coming home and talking to me, but i don't remember wut was said. when i wake up in hte morning, my fan is on high, my tv is flickering and my stereo is playing static. and at that point i was still feeling a little bit buzzed. how long does this shit last when you eat it... and then smoke it. it was my first time eating it. i ate it at like 6:00pm and it lasted til like 11:30am.

    if weed came in pill form, smoking it would be the normal version and eating it would be the time release version. thats my analogy ;)

    so anyway, i had a fun night.

  2. Damn, I gotta try eating it. The next time I make brownies or cookies, I'm gonna add some herb. Nice story, man.
  3. u say that u got high after eating 2 grams when i was in mexico i got this pound for 20 bucks it might no have been the best weed but only bein down in mexico for a week on vacation i couldnt smoke it all with one friend so before i had to leave my pot and board the plain i ate at least a half with a PP and J take that biatch the plain was goin down torward the ground with in and hr and lasted till i gotr to the US

  4. You failing english mate?
  5. Hmm, I like grilled cheese. And I like weed. IDEA!
  6. Hahaha sweet story.
    did you just sprinkle weed between the bread and just throw it in a toaster oven?
  7. Nah, he simmered the weed in butter then made it, as he stated in his post, but it's cool, you're probably high. ;)

  8. Hahaha. Good call :smoke:
  9. That sounds SO fucking good.

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