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Weed got wet? still ok to smoke?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Muffinzs, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. so on 420 i was lazy and scooping bowl packs into my bag of weed, i tried it with my bubbler and got some water in the bag, it sat over night in the same bag as the weed, i have about a bowl pack left of damp weed i have let dry out, it has a darker color to it, do you guys think its safe to smoke? ive never had this problem before, its pretty shitty.

    Im waiting for my boy to hit me up, should i wait for a bag or take my chances?
  2. i need halp :(
  3. If you can get non-wet weed, I'd just wait for that, but if that falls though, you could try putting some paper shreds in the bag to help dry it. Make sure it isn't moldy. Does it smell any different?
  4. Sometimes a bit o weed of mine falls victim to the water when I use the gravity bong. I just scoop it up, (if its enough to worry about) and burn it anyway. It may hurt it a little, but if water was super good at removing THC, why do people make hash with alcohol? I think it would be fine if you give it enough flame.

    just my .02, not based on empiricism, but experience.

  5. This bag i picked up originally was a strain i havent had before, it was an awkward smell so i want to say it hasnt changed, it was abnormally super nice weed, compared to the once of no name dank i usually grab, it was already ground up in the bag so i cant really examine it. but the overall color is a darker green now compared to the much lighter greenish color it was.

    if i would give it a smell right now this second it would be banana
  6. It doesn't matter.It will will you high,but not as if it wasn't wet.Dry it carefully with a drier.
  7. Let it dry out then smoke that shit.
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    i have been smoking around 2grams a day for about 6 months now, i want to say i should be ok, but its just something ive never had to deal with before so im being careful

    the thing is i left the weed in the bag overnight while it was wet in bag inside a jar

  9. i think i will, i smoked out of a broken piece yesterday for the first time and didnt cough blood i think ill chance the risk.

    Im going big this week, shit
  10. Use a soda can if u dont have a real pipe.

    I use em all the time when Im on vacation and shit. :D

  11. i usually do that or just run around with my pocket bowl and just burn when i need to, it was 420 and my bubblers downstem perc broke about a 8th of glass off a slit in the downstem, just cleaned that bitch and lit up, im usually not so scared of doing shit with drugs but about a week ago i was in the hospital because of a bad drug reaction to an anti depressant, needless to say it just made me more depressed...i cant believe i tried something other then weed for my ptsd and get a 2 day trip in the ER because of a "bad" drug reaction

    its funny how they use bad
  12. Thanks all! i will update after ive smoked we can see if i die or not.

    man im such a pussy
  13. U are not going to die. :D


    Not from the weed at least... :smoke:
  14. nvm, according to my roommate im completely save, he said mold doesnt form in under 15 hours, and any that does is so minute it cant hurt me at all
  15. That was a close one....

  16. i feel like neo, dodging bullets like a boss
  17. Just be careful for mold and be make sure if there are any crystals that they are in fact crystals and not mold

  18. carefully is the key word here hahahah. i once had a dealer sell me a bag and it smelled like straight dryer sheets and was crumbly as shit. i texted him when i got home and asked if he put it in the dryer, he claimed it was in his pocket with his cologne. the world may never know.
  19. I took aluminum foil and made it into a semi-sturdy tray. Laid the bud out on there, and put it on top of a lampshade in the corner. I then took 2 desklamps and hovered them over the bud aswell, and took 2 mirrors and but them over the bud to reflect light onto it. Then I hung up a sheet a few inches away from it to keep all of that light in. Heated it up a bit, and it dried very nicely. Still potent. Smoke on!
  20. lol, I keep imagining you doing all that for like a .2g nug. :hello:

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