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Weed Got Soaked In Pinesol, Is It Safe To Smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by psmark, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. So before anyone calls me a dumbass-yeah, i feel like one. 
    I was driving right after I picked up bag, and I got pulled over. I had a tube of those cleaning wipes that i put pinesol in to keep my car smelling good, and I panicked and dropped the baggy in there. The bag wasn't sealed properly, so it's all wet with cleaner now. I have it dried out for the most part, I'm just not sure if it's safe to smoke now, or even worth smoking. Help this dumbass please :)

  2. Yeahhh I would not smoke that.
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  3. lol no bro don't smoke that shit. i say sell it to someone u dont give 2 fucks about if nything 
  4. I would throw the whole bag out and be glad that i didn't get caught driving with weed.
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  5. pineSOL .. Sol stands for solvent. All the thc would be gone anyway. Also, it would have absorbed toxic chemicals. Not safe to smoke.
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  6. dont smoke it
  7. I Would of ate the herb, better than losing the thing or getting popped. Less it was like had a friend stuff 7g in his mouth once as the cops walked up to the door... Goodtimes...OP but be glad ur sober n not in jail. Do not smoke that shit.
  8. No its not safe.
  9. NO ABSOLUTELY NOT do not smoke it and for god sakes the ass that said sell it is ass don't sell it to someone if they were to smoke it and get sick or worse yet die you'd be liable. Just throw it away or flush it down the toilet either way get rid of it.
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  10. #10 OhioStateBuckeyes, Jun 3, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 3, 2013
    dont smoke it.
    ive had a buddy whos bag went through the laundry before.
    his dad told him "yeah, thats how we got TIDE stick back in the day" :laughing:
    he actually dried out the bud, smoked it, and said it got him high. i didnt try it and took his word for it. OP you should not smoke pine sol.
    reason for edit: typo correction
  11. I wouldn't smoke that shit, definitely not good for you.
  12. DONT SMOKE THAT you will literally die
  13. Inject it with rubbing alcohol.
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  14. Don't smoke it haha
    I dont even think you can make hash out of that kind of disaster
  15. I'm wondering if OP smoked it anyway..
  16. I try not to be a dick on this forum but this is stupid...if you smoke weed that's soaked in chemicals maybe you deserve to die IDK????
  17. dont do that..
    just toss it man. or just cook it. the heat should burn off the toxics i think..
  18. No No No do not cook it that could result in worse chemicals then just smoking it which is STUPID in the first place.  Please as a seasoned toker just throw it out.  It's ruined give up and get rid before somebody gets sick or worse.
  19. Well... you failed. Because that is totally a dick thing to say. No one deserves to die. Maybe some people deserve to get beat up (like you), but that's fucking harsh man. 
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