Weed go me into college!

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    As I left high school and I was applying for this college that I'd always wanted to go to and in my tenth year of school I did a piece of Biology coursework on "Should cannabis be legalised?" The school pick the topic by the way I didnt choose to do that. But I got an A* And because of that science grade it took my results from a C to a B. So I was let into that college because of the B grade :)

    Therefore if I hadnt of been smoking weed since the beginning of my tenth year I would not of gotten that A* and not gotten into college. Bare proud of myself ;)
  2. haha "tenth year of college" sounds a lot different to Americans
  3. ...lmao
  4. Nice!!! Getting shit done and doing work! The bud only gets better in college
  5. "Weed go me into college!"

    Epic title.

    Also, congrats on getting in!
  6. weed hellped me win the speling be

    Nah just kidding man, congratulations, you must've done a good job to get an A*.
  7. How does someone who can't spell or put sentences together correctly get into college?

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