Weed gave me a lazy eye.

Discussion in 'General' started by Drugsican, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. That happen to anyone else?
    It's just the eyelid.
  2. If I smoke a shitload, yea one eye lid is a lot droopier then the other.
  3. Yeah it happens when i wake n bake. But all you need is a good night sleep and it'll probably be fixed.
  4. But like even when I wake up it's still there. It's permanent maybe. I don't know. I toke everyday, so I guess it is only when I smoke.
  5. It's not a lazy eye, I have the same thing on my right eye, the top eye lid is just a bit droopy compared to the other one but its not noticeable unless you stare at my beautiful eyes for too long:rolleyes:

    i dont think it's from smoking, and it's just the muscle on the top of your eye lid is weaker than the other one.
  6. Often when I smoke my left eye goes derp.
  7. My left eye sometimes will be small when I am high and I have to relax myself and its back to normal.
  8. Weeds reduces intraocular pressure hence why they give it to glaucoma patients. My left eye gets all loose lol.

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