Weed + Gardening == This

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Weed Macgyver, May 25, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    i didn't finish.

    anyone ever smoke a bowl then just say fuck it ill do it tomorrow?
  2. What are you planting?

    It should be some dank. :)
  3. I hope your planting different stains on each row...
    that would be crazy
  4. If you're actually filling that entire space with pot plants, i'm proud of you.

    Just make sure you watch out when the pigs fly. (pun intended.)
  5. I don't think hes planting marijuana, at least that's not how I interpreted his post
  6. plant corn, not weed you conformist bastard
  7. i'm growing watermelons, corn, beef steak tomatos, romas and cantalopes

    also might put some bagseeds in a row
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    ...I was gonna till my garden today,
    but then I got high...


    Ya I've definitely had those monents lol.
  9. If you grow pot with a bunch of other fruits and veggies, then it won't look suspicious at all.

    Especially if you put it in like a middle row or the back row.
  10. This happens to me with random things all the time. Its usually not a big deal because i dont feel stress when im high all day lol :D
  11. i can only grow the weed.
  12. [​IMG]

    finished, what you guys think?

    i set up a 88 gallon rain barrel for rain water to water my plants (white big thing) - what you guys think
  13. end result looks pretty nice man! :hello:
  14. Grow potatoes and make them into chips. Then sell those and buy weed.

    Or you know...just plant weed.
  15. Anyone NOT do this? Lol =)

    Very nice! I like it!
  16. id love to plant weed, my neighbor against the fence with the coca cola sign is never ever home, the one to the left of my house smokes a ton of weed and wouldn't care at all, it's just that if it gets too big, people behind me will notice and i don't know them very well to know if they'll care

    plus heli's, i don't want them to see either, that's why i was gonna put up a green house like structure but i don't got the money for it right now
  17. Cmon at least grow ONE cannabis plant :(

    Just put it in the middle of the others and no one will tell the difference =p

  18. we'll see man! i'm growing mostly vine stuff, like watermelons, cantalopes, honeydews, so i think it'll stick out like a sore thumb, but we'll see :hello:
  19. You can't have your name and not figure out a way to grow them. I believe in you.

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