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weed games?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MattttG3, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. does anyone know a game you can play to get high and have like a game too play. like for drinking there is beer pong and flipcup and about 70 other things haha. we need games too!
  2. uh i jsut figured out i am in the beginners section so they wouldnt know hahaha. reformmaryjanelaws or any other mod you can get rid of this as i doubt anyone will know a game here.
  3. You can play whos highest! After youve all smoked about the same amount you see who is the highest. You can also play games like, Have 4-5 friends all in a circle, and 2 blunts or 2 pieces being passed. Someone takes a hit, and has to pass it, the trick is, he cant exhale until the other piece/blunt gets passed to him. There arent really any weed games, per say, but im sure if you smoke up and think about this, youll find some. :)

    Keep on toking
  4. I made up paper, rock, scissors.

    1x bong.
    1x glass pipe.
    1x shitty pipe

    Whoever wins each round (Each game has 3 rounds) gets a hit from the glass pipe. Whoe ver loses gets a hit from the shitty pipe.

    Then whoever won the game of three rounds gets a hit from the bong.

    I thought it was pretty classy.
  5. Chicago( or many different names) In a group of about 3-4, take a hit and hold it in pass the bowl/bong/blunt to the next person and keep in the smoke until it gets back around to ya, and repeat
  6. BASEBALL. its more fun and a lot harder with a big group. (3-?)

    First person takes a giant hit and holds it in and passes it to the next person. then that person takes a hit and holds it in as well. the whole time it is getting passed around EVERYONE is holding in there hit. than once it gets back to the person that started the bowl or whatever you are smokin they exhale their hit then on their inhale they take another hit. this continues until it is gone.

    NOT a lot of people can do this in a big group. hahahaha its pretty funny too.:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  7. yeah, bro, chicagos, or as we call it "chicag's". also, when me and some friends will blaze in like a cellar way, you have to take a hit, and do some sort of walking pattern up and down the stairs, like walking end to end on each step until you get to the top. you cant exhale until youve done it and have come back down the steps. if you dont do it, you get skipped. its a little confusing, but gets you FUCKED.
  8. You can play baseball!

    Get a blunt, light it up, takea hit, hold it, and pass the blunt. The catch being, you hold the hit in till the blunt gets passed back to you.
  9. you can play run from the popo with a blunt in your mouth, ooorrr you can take a shot, take 2 hits swallow the shot hard and the suction will pull the smoke really deep and inhale air and hold for two to 7 seconds and exhale, gets you high quick, drunk slow
  10. The only "game" I ever played was just passing a blunt/bowl/joint/whatever around in a circle, and you have to hold your hit until it's your turn to take a hit again. I never thought of it until someone mentioned it above.
  11. The reason being you can play games with alcohol is because you're alcohol isn't burning away as you waste time..
  12. play poker with buds betting.
  13. death hits round here. Hold hit in until the apparatus returns......:smoke:
  14. dude, theres more than one weed game. im sure you have already seen "chicago" but there is also "traffic lights" or just simply "speed passing" what you do is start off with a joint, you will take a quick toke and inhale a tiny bit (the key is to conserve your air by just inhaling a bit each time) then you will quickly pass the joint, and your friend will repeat. the point of the game is to see how many times you can toke the joint back and fourth but you cannot blow out or cough or you lose.

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