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Weed fucked up my tastebuds!?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Garybroadfoot, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. So two days ago I bought a Q from my dealer who always has great weed. He told me that this stuff smelt like sour candy, which I thought was weird but I got it anyway. While smoking I thought it tasted like some kind of chemical but just I got on with it but now everything tastes terrible! I pretty sure it must have been the weed. So does anyone have similar stories or some advice to help me fix this ?
  2. Everything is terrible.
  3. Stop eating shitty food. You are tasting the food you eat as it really is, and stripped of it's marketing, hype, and emotional connections you are finding it is terrible.
  4. You have posted this under the "apprentice tokers" thread so that tells me you've really not smoked that much in your life and most definitely not indulged enough to do any serious damage to your taste buds. LOL I've been smoking for about 45 years now and nothing I've ever smoked, from the best to the worst, has ever had a negative impact on any part of my body...other than maybe my waistline from getting the munchies and eating too much. If you have screwed up taste buds, it wasn't the weed that did it. The stuff may have been treated with something that caused your problem though. That's exactly why I grow my own. I know for sure what I am consuming and that it's not been flooded with chemicals and pesticides along the way. TWW
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  5. unless there was indeed chemicals on the bud, your taste buds should be fine. maybe you got a crusty ass tongue, scub that shit with a toothbrush playa:rave-girl:
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