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Weed from Guangzhou, China

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by jackie.chan, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. So I went on vacation in China for about 3 weeks - and managed to find some locally grown weed :cool:
    Weed in China is called "Da Ma", and it was really hard to find - since toking doesn't seem to be very popular in China. The people over there think smoking weed is really bad for your health - but strangely enough, cocaine (a.k.a. "Bai Fen") and GHB (a.k.a. "Kai Xing Shui" which means Happy Water) are both really popular and easy to get.
    Weed is relatively expensive over there - I picked up a quarter at around $20/gram. And the high is very different from the weed I smoke in the US... it's kind of hard to describe - but my buddy and I agreed that it gives off more of a spiritual high :smoking:

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  2. the spiritual thing sounds cool as fuck
    must be ancient chinese secret...

    nice pickup
  3. awesome. thanks for posting this. its interesting to see bud from across the globe
  4. Just to let you know, in China in the villages, people use human shit for ferts.
  5. ^^:rolleyes:

    Ive always wondered about bud hidden within ancient secrets. thanks for revealing it to us. :hello:
  6. hahahahahaha
  7. interesting... after smokin that u proly fit right in with chinese eyes
  8. interesting...it looks sorta like good mids.
  9. nice to know you found some, i bet that made your trip all the more worthwhile!
  10. From what I've learned from my chinese teacher (chen lao shi), chinese people kind of police each other, like tattling. At least from what i've heard about Bei Jing everybody is always in everybody else's buisiness, so it must be rare for a chinese person to do any kind of illegal drugs
  11. That looks like decent bud, and ya it is over-priced, not 20 per g but still good
  12. great find man you got some balls just walkin around asking for illegal substances, i think they have outrageous laws if you get caught with weed there.

    Not down talking i woulda ended doing the same if i couldnt bring any lol, woulda been great if he just led you to a hut filled with dank like something out of a movie.

    Yeah im blazzzed to put it mildly
  13. #13 NickC420, Jan 13, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 13, 2010
    You could have quite possibly lost an arm...thank god your safe :p
  14. I know a British man was recently executed for getting caught smuggling 4 kilos of H in. Saw it in the paper last week.
  15. shit man i wanna get some china bud and get that spiritual high, it'll be like the bud that was found in that 2000 year old shamans tomb in china...yeeee
  16. they found buds in a shamans tomb? is there a link for this info?
  17. I think some mexicans have been visiting China. ;)
  18. I can't find the link but I read that story too. Possibly the oldest weed discovery ever...
  19. Were there any seeds in your pickup???

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