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Weed For Everyone!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shell_09, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. Hello, after a good 2 week dry spell of weed... The weed is flowing. I was wondering what type of weed to people like? meaning, cheap weed, or expensive(AMAZING QUALITY) weed? personally, i like the say that brand names of weed. ie. white russian, blueberry, m-42(atomic baby).. is the best weed ever! I appreciate the hard work the growers do... and some do very well... I salute the growers!!!

  2. LOL, how can a dry spell be good?
  3. Hydro or KB is what I like smoking best, but normally I smoke regs. They get me high without spending crazy amounts of money, so why not? I'd rather have quantity as opposed to quality.
  4. not i, i'm a nugget man all the way, when i can't have it or mids i go with out. like now
  5. I think that what i'm really after.. is do people prefer quantity over quality? I'm a quality person myself... but that doesn't mean i descriminate, I sometimes buy weed because the price is cheap, and the bud is dry... I used to think that wet weed was better, but i think now i realize that wet and dry don't matter... i have had equally strong wet weed to dry weed!

    Weed forever!
    -shay out
  6. im also a quality person, where im at you have to be cause there is soo much shity shwag floatin around its insane. But i usually settle for $40-50 an eighth shit. there's a dealer that i am very confortable with in my hometown so when i can't get the goods i can go get the next best thing for sure. :smoke:
  7. smoke schwag
  8. i smoke really good shit, and i mean really really good shit. someone said he could get me some mids, which i normally never ever get, for only 15 an eighth, so i cant possibly pass that up.
  9. i think it depends. if we can get some really good shit, then of course we're gonna go for that. but if we can get a lot of good beasters for pretty cheap then we won't pass that up.
  10. Well, obviously, who doesn't like good weed better than schwag? It just depends on everyone's financial situation. Obviously someone with a 6-digit salary is probably not gonna be buying brick weed. Someone working at minimum wage just trying to make ends meet is probably not able to buy ounces of chronic every week.

  11. i have my ways...
  12. The product will depend on the patient.
    I don´t think this is a forum for schwag smokers, even if you´re unable to grow, at the very least we all have an appreciation for quality.

    there are smokers that don´t love themselves and smoke any dirt, even if they have the money. we try to stay away from those people. the smokers that prefer quantity still want a certain degree of quality.

    In the end, the is a market for everything, someone will smoke it. it´s why we have dry spells at times, there´s just never enough good quality medical grade.

    Frank Dank
    Frank Dank - Frank Dank 420 Mail Order Marijuana Buds
  13. This is a forum for cannabis smokers and vaporizers. And I don't get what's the deal with this 'elite smokers' shit. Seriously, "don't love themselves"?? you're turning a plant into a big fucking deal, the point of smoking is getting high and enjoying it and havinga great time, so I couldn't give a shit if it is or isn't medical grade.

    And it seems you're just posting here to advertise your 'Mail Order Marijuana Buds', shouldn't that be considered spamming?

    For me, I don't think about the quality, specially if I'm being smoked out, I don't really care. I'll smoke it as long as it's good ol' Mary Jane :smoking:

    And yes I know this thread is old xD
  14. Beware - Frank Dank is a MOM crook. Stay far away from him.

  15. Love the weed, hate the prices.
  16. Quality over quantity bro!
    Just don't have tooo good quality, like my dealer, who is trying to sell me this weed that almost looks blue for $40 a gram. i'd prefer to pay 50-60 an eighth for some dank. where i live in south florida everyones been picking up sour kush, a cross of sour d and og kush. great body high that feels like it lasts forever. :bongin:

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