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weed for ADHD?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ziplock feind, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. anyone else use this? i self-rx it, weed gives me the calm and control i always wanted from an adhd med... i am on strattera (120mg) and effexor (75mg) for ADHD and depression, respectively. i use weed as an suppulent, ya know, and enhancer.
  2. Well, i don't know if i have it or not, but it sure as hell makes me like doing math more! (along with other tedious things) It's like i have fun doing it.

    edit: Phish does kick ass
  3. with me its usually my science i do when high, but lately, in an attempt to get my grades up, I've been forcing myself, or rather trying to, put off smoking untill i am done with HM. thing is, before i would have alreadfy decided not to do an ssignement, and then in the clarity of a high realized that it wasnt worht it and that i really had nothing better to do, so i did it. it was hardcore.
  4. I wish smoking motivated me to do shit.. I'd be
  5. I smoke for add and it works GREAT, even my therapist admits it.
    I get stoned and everything flows so naturally, its sweet.

  6. well the subject threw me off...
    weed for ADHD?
    you apparently are on meds for it.
    its not for it are enjoying that along side of the meds im going to you said, an 'enhancer.' i believe that mj, used respectively, can help out a bummed mind..and even at times help you focus. but you are on meds. misleading subject. yeah, im picky tonight.
  7. i got add , weed defintally dont help me focus more. it only makes my add worse. like when i smoke at work i dont do shit for a couple hours i just kick back and let the time go by.....but hey if it helps you then more power to ya... for me it dosent help motivate me though, it makes me alot less motivated actually. Ive never heard of someone smokin weed so they could get their work done, thats pretty crazy. whatever helps though, do what ya gotta do.
  8. ** see **

    like i said in the above post, i have really ADHD side of the disease, not really ADD. i dont need notes in class, i dont need homework (im a lazy bastard) but i just get lazy and decide not to di stuff. when im high i realize that its not worth it not to do it.
  9. me me me. i have add and depression. i take 54 mg of concerta for my add and 30 mg of paxil for the depression and other stuff. smoking seems to help the paxil. but when i smoke and am on concerta i fly to cloud 9.
  10. Weed makes me 2 x lazier and 5 x dumber when I'm high, and I have ADD. I don't have the hyperactivity part though, just the concentration part. I take 108 mg or concerta, but I smoke weed because the high dose of concerta fucks up my social life, and the weed evens me out. I just never get any of my homework done, so it kinda defeats the purpose of the concerta in the first place. Hmmm....
  11. paxil scares me. some dude in my class last year was on paxil for depression. he either took to much of it or it's just a nasty drug. he was always going crazy. he'd get up on the desks and jumps around and yell crazy stuff. once when there was a substitute teacher he almost lit a cigarette in the classroom. he also liked kicking basketballs in hallways with lots of people in them and breaking lights.

    since then i think he's off the stuff. he's not THAT crazy anymore. but i know he's done ecstacy and he started burning himself with a match, had a big nugget-sized burn on his arm and he thought it was funny.
  12. i would have to say marijauana does not help with adhd. I was dignosed with adhd about 9yrs ago and ive allways been a pot head and weed never helped with my adhd, yeah it wouldnt make me as hyper but as far as doing homework or things like that weed would actually make it worse for me not better. Also medical weed is legal in california and theres alot of things you can get medical marijuana for and i checked a few minutes ago and add isnt a legitmate reason.

    If it helps you then thats great but personally i dont think marijuana should be used to fix your add i think there are alot of other medcines out ther ethat do the job 10times better.
  13. im on effexor 150mgs a day, but pot helps me out a bunch.......... id rather somke than take effexor
  14. I know that when im high and haft to take a test, most of the time I ace it or do really good on it and I ADD. Smoking works the best for me because it makes me relaxed. Sence im relaxed everything is alot easer to do.
  15. *looks around*
    *smacks thread up to the top*

    Ah, yes. There has been a doctor reccommending cannabis for ADD/ADHD in california because she believes there may be a serious application for it. If you check out NORML for the story, you'll note that it originally came from MSNBC...she explained that you don't even need to get stoned to see the benefits, and that the effective dose should be ingested to get the longest-lasting benefits throughout the day, seeing as how smoking does not give an effect that usually lasts a long duration.

    I show a lot of symptoms of ADD and such, and if this has foundation it would explain why I was able to keep my cool through the hard times in my life...with bud.
    Like any medication, it's application for ADD is not going to work for everyone...but it's better than some stupid idiot giving you antidepressants, tranquilizers, and antipsychotics for ADD, which can only worsen the condition...I speak from personal experience on this one.
  16. Yeah, her name is Dr. Claudia Jensen. As of late I've been reading up on the possibilities of getting medical marijuana for my newly diagnosed ADHD, Anxiety and Depression. I'm not interested in taking perscription cocaine/meth in order to make me "function right". Plus, "A report on a comprehensive follow-up study at Montreal Children's Hospital discovered that 'at the end of five years, hyperkinetic children who received drugs (either Ritalin or Chloropromazine) did not differ significantly from children who had not received the drugs. Although it appeared that hyperactive kids treated with Ritalin were initially more manageable, the degree of improvement and emotional adjustment was essentially identical at the end of five years to that seen in a group of kids who had received no medication at all.'" - My Resource

    So with that said, what use would I have for the junk? Not only all of the perscription stimulants have side effects. Some can cause siezures. And none of them are going to help me with anxiety or depression. With some medical marijuana I could nail all three with one perscription. A Dr. Tom O'Connell is working on a scientific study hoping to prove that medical marijuana helps people with AD(H)D. Which you can read about briefly in the FoxNews link below.

    Here are some really good links...

    Transcript: Dr. Claudia Jensen - Cannabis for ADD [Originally from MSNBC]

    Cannabis 'Scrips to Calm Kids?[FoxNews]

    Testimony of Claudia Jensen, M.D.
    for the House Committee on Government Reform
    Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources

    Click Here

    Transcript: Hearing on Medical Marijuana
    House Committee on Government Reform:
    Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources
    Holds a Hearing on Marijuana Medicine

    Click Here

    The original resource for the above link can also be found here
  18. I totally understand and agree with you that some of the Over-the-counter meds suck! I was diagnosed with bi-polar a few years back, and they gave me wellbutrin and depakote, well after a year and a half of that I just quit using them, I wasn't told until I recently went to my newer doctor, that those both can cause seizures, and also found out that epilepsy is genetic! crazy huh?

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