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    Um, i'm looking for recipes for food to make with weed, am I in the right place? someone help me out! What weed do I ue and such?!
  2. Google is your best friend..... google weed butter and weed recipes.
  3. Learn how to make weed infused butter/oil and then you can pretty much make whatever you can think of (so long as it needs a little butter/oil)
  4. Weed foods such as what???
  5. What weed do you use? Heh..

    I'm not gonna go find you recipes but I'll offer you the fastest and easiest method of getting high with food.


    Take two crackers, spread peanut butter on both of them, put like .3 to .5 in ground up weed on top of one, and put the other on it. Then microwave or put it in the oven.

    Now you're eating weed with it, so it doesn't taste the best, but it's easily stomachable. Make 3 or 4 for a good high. Baking food takes more weed than smoking but lasts longer. Imo it isn't worth it but everyone should try firecrackers at least once. You can use cheese too if it has a good amount of fat in it, but it tastes pretty bad.
  6. Ideally, how long would you want to microwave them? I mean like how much are they cooked.

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