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weed fiends

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ryax, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. have you ever seen people who are broke and spend every little bit of their paycheck on weed? I'm just like holy shit these *****s are fiends, one kid spends $40 a day on fucking a eigth when they can easily just buy a ounce or something but they cant save enough money cuz they spend their money on pills and weed, its like some kids have grown dependencies on weed and it is like a actual.....drug wtf lol idk im jus ranting on some people.
  2. No, I know exactly what you mean, man. One of my close friends is just like that. It's sad.
  3. yeah, alot of my friends are fuckin fiends, you should see what happens when the exotic shit comes around they will empty their pockets cash in their mommas change and rob their parents and shit trade video games x-box's, clothes, whatever lol i've seen drugdealers get some crazy ass shit from fiends.

    This one guy i know used to have a guy build him computers for 8-balls, it was some shit.
  4. Weed is a drug just like any other (a soft, and not a physically addicting drug mind you). People can start to think they 'need' it. I am one of these people.
  5. everyone cant be the same. other wise grass city wouldnt even exist..?

  6. I see these folks all the time. I mean, I'm just about a daily smoker... certainly not an eighth a day tho, not that thats excessive by some around here... idk im stoned, not sure where I'm going with this.

  7. i used to think an 1/8 a day was a lot. now I just realize it's a lot of money. I mean, I'll pack 6 bowls out of a cut, and believe me I have not a problem smoking 6 bowls in a day. sometimes I'll smoke 3 just to my face.
  8. yea man i love :bongin: back to back to back bowls just for the hell of it
  9. Hmm well im broke and my next paycheck is pretty much going towards weed. but fuck i dont care.
  10. I'm sort of the same way. Lately i havent been able to save any cash, ill spend half of it on dank, and the rest on gas, munchies, gas, and more munchies. Fuck. i need clothes and other shit, but cant kick my fucking spending habbit. Whatever, ill live :)

  11. Fuck that, and Fuck You

    i smoke everyday 4 times, spend maybe $10 a week
    i have friends who are always broke and they work, but hey they work to fucking smoke, like you said they are kids, in high school,

    if you think about it its smart because they are working to smoke:smoking::smoking:
  12. Why the hell would you say fuck you?
    He is pointing out something stupid, if you spend 10 dollars thats fine, hes talking 40 a day, dont insult someone when you have a completely different point.

  13. yeah seriously man, wtf. and Im not talking to u alex obviously but the one you quoted. By dropping comments like that, you'll build up plenty of neg rep here and eventually get banned... I'm considering starting you off, not cool man.

    hehe if I could smoke 21 times a week for 10 bucks I sure would, unless it was schwagg
  14. I like to conserve my weed by buying a 1/4 to a half then bag it up by the point .2's then smoke .2 a day in a blunt thru a homeade bong I usually smoke 4 times a day then smoke some more thru my glass bong if I feel the need too yeah im a fiend so what but a fiend that can make a 1/2 last a month or more :hello:
  15. usually people buy a quarter its about 70-80, thats 150-160 when you go to buy another one in a week or so, a half around here cost 120-130 and thats lasts lets say 2 weeks

    thats 300-320 compared to 240-260 a month. i dunno about you but i lke to say money

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