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Discussion in 'General' started by kidpositive, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Hi, I'm new here and after a year and a half of searching, i have finally found a connect.

    like i mentioned earlier, it is a bit difficult when you are new in a place, you try to be more conscious of your movements and actions, not wanting to rub the new people you meet the wrong way (at least that's how i feel).

    so here's the scenario, i just bought $20 worth of weed from this guy i met, i picked it up, went home and blazed.

    the weed was not to my standard. im actually quite disappointed as i am still trying to get high on my third bowl as i type this. i feel a buzz, but thats it.

    my question now is: i see this guy (person i buy it from) on a regular basis. im pretty sure hes gonna ask me what i thought about my recent purchase from him tomorrow.

    should i be honest and tell him his weed, (or the person he got it from) sucks ass? or is there a more subtle way of doing this.

    i dont know him so well, and he is the only person who i trusted enough to ask for some weed. hes a really nice dude.

    how would you handle this?

  2. Id tell him it was pretty good. When chicks ask if there jeans look fat im always like no baby you look smoken! Even if they look like shit!
  3. Don't say it "sucks ass" just simply tell him your honest opinion about it. He can then use your criticism to make the product better or get it from a better source.
  4. How to handle it? Grow your own.

    If hes you're ONLY guy you don't want to just tell him the bud is shit and risk him telling you to fuck off.

    You can definitely tell him you're looking for some better shit.
  5. Well when you were trying to get bud did you bother to say you wanted super dank stuff? Or did you just get whatever you were handed? If it was the second then just ask if he can get his hand on more dank bud. But if the dude like hyped it up or something just find someone else.
  6. haha, no i wasnt going to actually tell him his weed "sucks ass", i just wanted to let him know whats up and know how i really feel about my first purchase from him. on the flip side if i tell him the weed was okay, he might think im some kind of noob and just give me that shit he gave me last time.

    i guess what i'm really asking is, how do i tell him i would want better without offending him?
  7. Demiurge, yeah he actually asked me, if i wanted "box office" or "b-movie"? i said "box office definitely."

    which now when i think about it, why the fuck would he ask me a dumb question like that? hahaha. of course if you ask that question to anybody, they will absolutely say give me the good stuff. thats kind of a red flag for me.

    i wanna do business with this guy, but at the same time i dont want to be hustled by him. i just want to smoke my weed and be in peace.
  8. yosmokinman, i have definitely considered that, and actually did grow when i was living by myself, but my current set-up right now makes it impossible for me to grow my own.
  9. Be like "ehhh could have been better but it wasn't terrible"
  10. Be cool. Follow your ego.
  11. Considering he's your only guy right now, just ask if he can get some dank. I personally would have a problem with bud that 3 bowls later, I'm not stoned off of it. I've always had this 3 hitter/3 bowl rule. 3 hitters for dank, 3 bowls for mids/swag. If I'm not blitzed, there's a problem.

    If he can't get you any dank, just kinda hint around to try to see if he's only got 1 supplier or maybe a couple, and tell him you want the best he can get.
  12. Dude be straight forward and tell him that the bud you picked up was pretty bad. If you dont let him know he might think otherwise and keep serving it to you.

    I've had this happen to me and its the only way

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