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Weed equivalent of a keg party?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Blazin_Buddah, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. First off, I've been reading posts here for a while, but I never really had anything to say or ask you guys until now. Assuming it works, you'd need an ounce or more (schwag will do) depending on the number of people you plan on coming and something like a large aquarium.

    Ok, here's the idea; get a few buddies over and a bowl big enough to where you wouldn't have to reload too many times and fill up the aquarium with smoke, you probably won't use a whole O, depending on the size of the aquarium. When it's time to party just charge everyone that comes a dollar or 2 a hit. The main problem is that I'm not sure how longTHC stays in weed smoke.

    If it works, you'd definantly make your money back. It's either a really good idea or a really stupid idea, I haven't decided. Let me know what you guys think.


    by the way if it does work, you could fill up a 2 liter bottle with smoke and put the lid on, bury it somewhere like a time capsule and come back in a year or so, maybe it ages like wine...

  2. I dunno bout the time capsule. But the better idea would to get a huge ass party bong and have a sick ripper and charge whoever comes in like 5 bucks a head and then you can buy like an ounce or two of sum flame shit.
  3. If you just let smoke chill in an airtight aquarium, it begins to get somewhat "stale". It tastes like ass and gets harsh after a while. A better idea would just to have a very large amount of joints rolled and just let people buy joints all night long.
  4. the joint idea is very good. My friends and i were walking around downtown TO yesterday at around 5 pm, smoking a joint and then exhaling into a krispy kreme balloon, and passing both around.
  5. One of my connections sells joints for 10 bucks because kids will pay...needless to say he's not who I call first.
  6. fuckin 10 bucks a joint, here in ghettotown ohio dude this shit is 5 bucks. thats still alot, but when a little shit will pay 10 bucks for it then they dont need to be smoking weed since they dont know what the fuck they are doing
  7. Yeah, like I said I don't pay, I just heard that he sells them to some people for that much.
  8. I remember when I went on holiday with some friends, we rolled up 44 joints for the trip, which was all the weed we had. Needless to say, we didnt even smoke them all, and me being the biggest stoner, bought everyone elses off them. I took home a tin of about 15 joints. It was so great seeing them all layed out, wish Id had a photo.
  9. Wow... 44 joints... *drools*. I'd say just sell them joints dude... Only thing is it would be quite easy to get busted - it'd be seen as a sort of mass-dealing thing surely? And keg parties get busted quite often...
  10. I would just have out a bong and charge like $2 a hit and have some joints rolled for $5 a j. If your trying to make some money have green chillie broittioes on hand. They coast $0.99 at Toxic Hell but you could sell them for $5 to some one who had the muchies. Megan
  11. Charge a $10 admittance fee and then just have a bowl in on a table with a sign that says "pack/roll as much as you please" and about 4 oz of weed in it. Have it "BYOP" (bring your own piece) but have rolling papers and a rolling machine right there so people can roll their own. You wouldn't make money, unless you're a grower, but it'd be fun, and you wouldn't lose too much.

  12. So what do you do when someone comes along and just pockets an OZ of your weed lol... I'd say its pretty simple, the closest thing to a KEG would be rolling like a 40gram joint or something equivelant, and just having it get passed around the party for an hour or 2, thats how long a keg usually lasts at the parties i goto anyways :)
  13. Waayyyyy to easy to get caught.. the whole town would smell that shit..
  14. In answer to Splifster, you just have a bouncer type guy standing by the bowl to make sure no one takes more than a bowl/joint/blunt at a time.
  15. yea i agree with spliff just role up a fucking monster ass blunt and pass that sucker sround for a good 2-3 hours to keep the good moods rollin :hippie:
  16. the huge joint is idea is pretty sweet...but the aquarium/2 liter bottle would not work...when the smoke gets stale (takes less than a minute) it gets disgusting tasting and its impossible to keep in, so imagine how bad it would be if it had been sitting for an hour

    i wouldnt do that kind of party unless you knew everyone there...because if it was random people, they wouldnt care about you getting caught and would smoke anywhere, and it would make your whole street smell
  17. you could get a huge circle going with a joint, a bong, a pipe and maybe something else. that way everyone is equally served and you can keep an eye on your stuff at the same time, just have it going all night long. that would be awesome


  18. Ghettotown? i got a feelin we might be from the same place. i dont know if ur nervous bout given out where u live or nething but... it starts with an L... ends in ima? if not o well but everyone round here calls it ghettotown sometimes so i figured might be. but ne who, yeah sounds like a sweet idea. u could prob make a pretty decent profit off of that. we have big stoner parties but we dont do the fish tank thing or anything. we all throw down for bout maaaybe ounce and a half or so and smoke out somebodys garage. get some lawn chairs and a lil grill thing in there... its a pretty bitchin time man.

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