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Weed Drying and Curing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kayla_, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. My cousin recently gave me a small branch from his plant, when I say small I mean at least 6 to 8 grams worth. Anyway I was wondering if I had hang them upside down to dry or what? I've already trimmed what I could off the plant so it's just stem and flower. As of right now I've had them upside down in a dark cool ventilated area. And how long should I have them hanging if needed for until I can cure them? I don't have several of the things you'd normally need to properly treat it, but with a fan and dark room good enough. I also know to not put the fan on it directly as it could easily dry out one side. Any answers on my questions would be nice, thanks :)

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    you should leave them hanging for at least a week, a little longer if necessary, you don't want the buds to be squishy.
  3. Let them hang for 3-5 days at about 70-75 degrees F. Then put them in a mason jar in your closet. Burp once a day for 5-10 mins for a week-10 days. Then just once a week after that. In 2-3 months you should have some decent bud.
    And 6-8 grams is a quat oz that is not a small amount unless you deal in pounds.
  4. yea if you dont go the full several months of curing wont be as good quality at all
  5. Alright sounds good, thanks guys.
  6. There's also the act of drying too quickly, which can result in a lack of "that dank smell" on the buds. Not sure if there are other significant shortcomings other than that. 

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