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Weed Dreams

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ~Stoned~, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Im sure every true stoner out there has had a dream about walking through the woods and finding a sea of green or something about weed. Last night I had a nightmare that was about weed and the police. I was driving down the road to my house, it was in plain site. I was so close and I had about an eigth in my pocket. There was a car infront of me and a car in back of me and I was going down the road at about 45. Somehow I lost control and the car fish tailed. Nothing else, I didnt hit anything or anything but then out of nowhere red and blue lights were flashing around me and 2 officers, a woman and a man, were standing next to the car laughing. I was in awe and they said I guess you know why were here is everyone ok? I said ya and then they started acting weird. Its like suddenly everyone was against me. My neighbor, who smokes aswell, was in the car with me and never said anything. The police were looking around my car, they were next to the window I was inside and they said brb that they had to get something out of their car. For a minuteo r so noone talked. Anyway they came back and I had slipped my bag into my back pocket because I thought maybe they saw it in my pocket if it started coming out or something. They all came back with a big smile and he says yo;ur going to have a nice trip ... to jail. I was like WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! He said "we saw you slip something into that purse, and thats illegal." I guess he was saying its illegal to put something into a purse when you get pulled over. Anyway I didnt even know there was a purse in the car and I look by my feet and there was a purse. i empties it and nothing was illegal in it but then bam we were in the police dept. No one was cuffed no one was in holding cells we were just sitting there. I went into a bath room that was about as big as my whole house and started looking for somewhere to dump my bag. Every toilet had a screen on it so the weed wouldnt go down. I took a huge bite out of my big bud and started chewing I finally said fuck it and threw the whole bag in the toilet and ran back out haha So theres a bag of weed sitting in a toilet :p Anyway he tells me get anything I will need from the car because I was going to be in jail a few days. I asked how long and he said 3 days and I started freaking. I didnt want to be in jail for 3 days lol especially since I didnt do anything wrong. The cop let me outside to get some stuff out of the car and I asked my neighbor what I should do. His answer was "Just stay here. Ill be at the house." I was beside myself. Next thing I knew, I woke up and was like omfg it was a dream. It seemed so real.

    Anyway whats your worst or best weed dream :D


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