Weed "Drama" In Life.

Discussion in 'General' started by Aforsberg, May 7, 2011.

  1. Maybe its all in my head. I mean, I know I live a fabulous life for a 17 year old, but lately smoking has been, different. I have always been a powerful thinker. Might I thank the :smoke:

    Just a few months ago, all was well, I was another neighborhood kid riding my bike and getting my licence, walking around barefoot in the summer. Everyone knew our gang! Even as Juniors in high school!

    But now, Communication is different from these friends. We don't joke in the same way we use to. I cannot describe it any better. It is like forgiving someone who Lied, you never look at them quite the same. Something happened, and whether it was me or my smoking habbits way too much I don't know. I have been either completely dumb minded in the solution to fix things, or just "accepted" (Told myself) we've all grown up!

    Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before? Some sort of dramatization in your life? Could it be SKITZO?! Should I stop smoking?

    Note: I have nothing against the herb at this point. :D
  2. Underage b&
  3. 18 it older bro next time lie about your age
  4. we killed osama everything is perfect man
  5. i didnt read your post because i saw you're 17 and im an asshole forumn police officer and the way i see it you dont exist. lmao
  6. lol heyy come on. anyway. thats my story and I'm sticking to it
  7. lol did you really send me a pm about me being rude?
    gtfo you're not even allowed on this forum.
  8. In before the ban hammer
  9. Im shaking in my closet

  10. he he sorry im actully lik 13 and Eye Half
  11. i guess you didn't realize this is an 18+ forum. come back later
  12. yeah happened to me a long time ago. way before the weed in grade 6 or 7 when all my friend just branched off to other people and i just kindaa sat there. it sucks that shit like this happens but you find new friends. i mean i only have 2 or 3 friends right now but i really enjoy hanging out with them when i can.
  13. ouu hi, asl?

  14. Its a part of life homie, people change, its a part of growing up
  15. It sounds like you are the Patrick Swayze incarnate.

    Imo you should see a doctor ASAP we aren't qualified for this type of thing.
  16. It's life. We all had friends that just have moved on in life. Sometimes its yourself that's moving on.

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