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Weed doesn't give the munchies.... it takes them away :S

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by forensic91, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking weed casually (about 1 time a week) for about 4 months now. One thing that is funny about when I'm high is that I never get the munchies. Weed actually does the opposite for me, it takes away my hunger.
    So I was wondering if this happens to anyone else? Or am I just weird?
  2. cool story bro
  3. I've never heard of weed taking hunger away but I know people who aren't affected either way. But I guess it's possible. I wish it was that way for me. I think I've paid more for snacks while I'm high than I have for the weed itself, although I do get my weed for pretty cheap.
  4. you're just weird. i get hungry as FUCK when i smoke
  5. Be Happy, munchies can realllly suck sometimes.
  6. Damn that sucks, I love the munchies! I get creative and make INSANELY delicious shit I would be to lazy to make sober, and the taste is enhanced 100x. :smoke:
  7. alright i call your bullshit, next time you smoke eat only 5 cheese itz
    then ill believe you
  8. Maybe it makes your senses so...sensitive, that food tastes so good its bad. Am i on the right track?
  9. i dont get hungry persay, but I rarely eat when im not high, and food tastes fucking amazing high..

    so yea
  10. I always have the fuckin munchies.

  11. this hahaha :hello:
  12. I think hunger and munchies are 2 different things. I think when your hungry, your body tells you that you need food for nutrients and energy. The munchies I think is your body telling you that you want to eat because the food tastes so freakin' amazing that you want it.

    Anyone understand that?
  13. dam man I wish I was you. Whenever I smoke, even if I ate before, I start eating again... Its not the hunger really, I just need some flavor in my mouth, and it feels good to chew.
  14. Right when I first smoke my appetite normally always goes away, even if I was starving beforehand. But then like 20 minutes later im hungry as shit
  15. Damn. What you described is the symptom of a rare and deadly cancer.
  16. I haven't had munchies in a while, but im guessing thats something to do with me quitting smoking (tobacco).
  17. When i'm high im not really mad starving, usually just thirsty. However, once I take my first bite of some kind of amazing food, it's like my stomach wakes up and I can't stop. I think it's just realizing how great it tastes you don't feel like stopping.
  18. I never really get the munchies. I get drymouth though.

    But if I think about it I guess sometimes it does take my hunger away.
  19. I experienced this, but only when I first started smoking. There's a reason the term 'munchies' exist, I noticed that I only started gaining an appetite once I would wait towards the end of my high, around 3 or 4 hours later.

    Why pot causes the munchies
  20. When I get too high I lose my munchies
    but when it settles down a bit I get a huge craving for food.
    Thats why I always prepare snacks :D

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