Weed doesn't get me high anymore - help!

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  1. Basically, I've been smoking for years, but have only been smoking consistently (as in, at least once a day) for about 7 months now, and weed just doesn't get me high anymore. I have tried every variation I can get my hands on, including concentrates and edibles... nothing works. The concentrates did it for me for a couple weeks, and now it seems I've even built a tolerance to that! So it's time for a t-break.

    This will be the first t-break I have ever taken... I'm mainly wondering how others keep themselves on track/motivated to finish the break? I have notorious self-control issues :| So far all I'm really planning on is to drink a ton of water and cranberry juice. Additionally, is there a way to make t-breaks shorter? Ideally this break would last 7-10 days, but if there's any chance I can cut it down to 2-3 then that'd be prime. Thanks guys!
  2. Get a cleanse type product from a vitamin store shed yer toxins doggy..
  3. You'll lose some sleep and maybe have trouble nodding off. Nothing a little OTC sleep aide won't fix, I preferred benedryl and the allergy benedryl is the same as sleep aide benedryl. It also keeps my nose clear all night.

    Aside from that stay busy. Get out and do something even when you don't want to. Even if you take a small toke before bed your tolerance will drop significantly over a couple weeks.

    I will say a T-break of a month is pretty much a minimum for me. If I stop for less then a month it seems like it worked but only for a short time. Starting slow after a T-break will signifagantly increase its effectiveness so just hit that blunt once or twice. No need to get stupid faded every time there's a session. That leads to the burn out retard syndrome you see in some people.

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