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Weed documentarys/films

Discussion in 'Stoner Movies & Documentaries' started by jt246, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Yo guys, I recently watched "The Union" and also "Super high me". Both were awesome documentary's I really liked them, does anyone know any similar ones like them?
  2. Grass. A lot less interesting than The Union, but I think it does give a pretty comprehensive history of cannabis.
  3. Totally Baked is more of a comedy, but very educational and great to watch. Seen it like 7 times.
  4. the union is an amazing documentary.
  5. The union is a must watch for everyone debating the herb.
  6. Docs; copy/pasted most of them

    • The union
    • American Drug War
    • How Weed won the West - Coming out
    • Grass
    • Super High Me
    • BBC - Horizon - Season 46 - Ep 02 - Cannabis: The Evil Weed
    • High Times 20th Anniversary Cannabis Cup 2008
    • In Pot We Trust
    • Magic Weed: History of Marijuana
    • National Geographic Explorer: Marijuana Nation
    • Super High Me
    • The Lens - The Prince of Pot: Marc Emery
    • Berry Coopers Vol 1: Never Get Busted
    • Berry Coopers Vol 2: Never Get Raided
    • The True Tale of American Marijuana
    • Totally Baked
    • Waiting to Inhale
    • Al Roker Reporting: Marijuana Inc.
  7. Weeds, it's a comedy TV series on ShowTime about a pot dealing mom. it's pretty funny and it really does show what it's like.

    Also, theres a national geographic segment called- "Marijuana Nation" thats also a good one.
  8. I like Weeds, but that show is FAR from reality, and far from showing "what it's like". Hell, it's been a long time since her character has even had anything to do with selling weed.

    I thought it was awfully similar to "Marijuana Inc." in the way that it tries to present it from a non-biased perspective but there is still a strong sense of favoritism to the anti-pot mindset.
    Can't say I liked it too much.
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    Well. I meant towards the beginning of the series. Now it's just fucked up. Yet, still enjoyable :hello:
  10. Just thought of another good stoner movie, but it's more of a comedy than a documentary

    Pineapple Express.
  11. I posted a thread here with How Weed Won The West check it out, it looks like the best one yet and its released next week!!:D
  12. Does anyone know the documentary in which an older -british, english, or the very least european- woman goes to amsterdam and tries marijuana for the first time? i've been looking for ages with no results.

  13. Yeah its called Should i smoke dope...Type it into you tube its all uploaded there.
  14. thank you very much! i've scoured the lists and "top 40s" of marijuana documentaries and such for the longest time. very helpful
  15. >Pineapple Express

    Nice try.
  16. Time Will Tell, a docu bout Bob Marley and his life.
    also check out Rebel Music the Documantary about Bob.

    Stepping Razor (Red X Tapes), a docu bout Peter Tosh.

    I both enjoyed these films way too much than is healthy, but hey. Things that give a man joy are worth a limitless amount of repetitions. :smoking: amarite?

  17. Probably one of the worst documentaries I've ever seen. Not that I'm some sort of connoisseur, but I know bad reporting when I see it. This lady has no idea what she's doing, doesn't report the facts, and is just generally full of shit. It's neither informative nor helpful in the legalization movement.
  18. upon retrospect, i completely agree. i downloaded it and watched it a while ago. at the beginning the woman was advised to only take a few puffs. 4 tops. she thought she knew better and smoked a whole spliff. she factored THAT into the cons.

    Along with that was her general absence of information she could have quickly looked up on google instead of going around amsterdam asking stupid questions like a child. i remembered it being better, i was wrong.
  19. im 20 mins into Grass and im already recomending it ...

    every1 on this forum needs to see this movie asap

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