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Weed dipped in lean

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by WaterlessFIsh, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. I just bought some for the first time. Never tried it. I'm just wondering what experiences you all have with it. Also it's still wet. Does it need to be try before I smoke it? And if so, what's a quick way of drying it so I get the max potency.

    Thanks for any tips/advice or stories.
  2. man, what the fuck are you doing smoking that shit? are you that ignorant?
  3. Very. Enlighten me?
  4. smoking pharmaceuticals is never a good idea bro
  5. There are some things people need to find out on their own. A First smoke is a self experience, lol. You don't ask people how to do it, you're supposed to experiment on your own. It's like asking someone how to walk. You gotta try it man. But to be helpful, smoke DRY weed. Most weed doesnt crumble unless it's mexican shwagg. Just dry it off and put it in a baggie and let it dry out. Don't further increase your stupidity by microwaving it. Microwaving is similar to a pity-fuck.
  6. exactly, but put a bunch of paper in the bag to absord moisture or put the buds in a coffee mug and let them dry out for however long you think you need to.

  7. you do tell someone how to do something if its detrimental to there health.
    all you are is doing is enabling irresponsible behavior.
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    ok.... by lean you mean the codeine drink kids try to get high off of in 6th grade?? lol

    now if this is the lean you speak of then i dunno why the fuck someone would dip weed into it...or try to smoke it...

    now just to humor you... if someone DID want to smoke this for some reason... one would have to dry it carefully then smoke it. otherwise its like lighting a wet log. I say carefully cause codeine unlike thc will degrade at a much lower temperature (not room temperature but dont use a oven or blast it with heat).....also keep it sterile if its the lean i am thinking its got tons of sugar in it... that means it can be easily contaminated.

    honestly though... just throw that shit out or give it back to your friend.
  9. Damn, there is a lot of hate tonight huh? All I can say is that I hope a mod doesn't close this because of this lean talk. Good luck with it bro. I say air it out, and smoke a little bit. and see how you feel. But really, don't keep doing things like this. Make sure you mellow out and stick to green in the future. It will save your life:wave:

  10. its not hate, im just trying to help some ignorant young kid to not make shitty choices

  11. I'm not a fucking vigilante...

    If someone else wants to do something fucked up, let them. It's hard to know if it's out of their desire or their ignorance. If its out of their ignorance, then it's best to let them figure it out. Learning yourself is the best way to learn. I mean if it was something really severe, i'd say something. In this case I warned him to dry his weed. why? to avoid mold in lungs. Pretty severe problem. Wet weed isnt safe. But I'm not gonna tell him every little thing.. it really is best to figure it out.

  12. i dont understand why you are more considered with the bud then with the added chemicals.

    "I'm not a fucking vigilante..."

    why are you here reinforcing the negative sterotype bud smokers get? this thread doesnt even belong here, yet you are still giving this kid terrible advice. grow up, you know nothing.
  13. I've always been satisfied after smoking weed laced with lean.
  14. Why don't you just smoke your bud and sip your lean? I cant imagine smoking a syrup being good for you at all. And besides the heat will destroy some of the codiene and the promethazine.

  15. Last time I checked, letting bud dry in a baggie to prevent mold and curing it in a mason jar was great advice.

    Enlighten me, bad sir, what is this terrible advice you speak of? Or are you that brainwashed that everything you read has to be turned into something negative before you can even comprehend the true meaning?

    Now, sit down. Load a bowl. And prepare to fill your bong with delicious smoke, and forget you were ever angry. Chill down bro. You need a friend. I can be your friend. As a freind, i urge you to smoke some weed. Please!
  16. It won't give you the lean high that you are looking for. It will taste good though. You need to let it dry out. A paper bag or lay it out on a table w/ a fan blowing gently over it.

    Don't buy wet weed ever b/c not only do you have to wait but you also don't get what you paid for.
    i.e. Bought a kinda wet OZ ended up 3.8 short by the time it dried up
    I think you mean Robitussin not prescription Promethazine w/ Codeine
  17. I'll say this, I've smoked a blunt where the wrap was dipped in promethazine w/ codeine then dried out. It definitely gives you a bit of that lean effect, you feel super mellowed out and kinda slowed down, or thats what it did for me. That being said, I don't think I'll be doing it again because the high wasn't worth what smoking those chemicals and sugar was doing to my lungs.
  18. Lol I just read this.
    I smoked it. It's syrup not water so it made my bowl light even better. I'm high as fuck right now. Like the highest I've been in a very long time.:smoking:
  19. chemicals are downright bad for your lungs, stay natural; smoke the herb.

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