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Weed did wonders

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420gitrdone, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. So I had smoked a joint in my backyard today and after I finished I had the urge to clean my room and bathroom. I cleaned my room and bathroom so thoroughly there was nothing else I could have done to make it cleaner. I felt so good afterwards. Has anyone else done something they wouldn't usually do after smoking?
  2. Yup. I usually procrastinate with work but I banged out an 8 page term paper and had a good time doing it. I felt like some serious weight was lifted off of my shoulders with that one.
  3. That is cool shit. Good job.
  4. I remember I had to write an Editorial and I pushed it off until the day before it was due so I just got baked and got a really good score on it. I wrote about how everyone should vote and blah blah blah.

  5. That's funny...I did the same thing today, got a bunch of shit done the OL's been naggin me about, as her voice faded in a cloud of smoke.
  6. yeah that happens sometimes, just get in the mood to do something and sometimes you end up doing something really helpful for yourself, when normally you would have been to lazy
  7. i have written some GREAT fucking essays for english class when i was stoned, having no recollection of what i wrote about, then rereading them once i received them back with 90% and above
  8. ya i had to write a ten page script, and i wrote almost all of it stoned. i clean like crazy if i'm baked and walking around my messy apartment. once i start i can't stop.
  9. Yeah i finished a fourth of a book and finished my poster and paper all in about 1 hour and a half - 2 hours i dont remember TBH
  10. I want some of what you are smoking
  11. Wrote an essay on legalizing marijuana when i was baked, got a 100% on it.
  12. Used to write my college papers high. The profs enjoyed my "novel views" on tired old subjects! :smoke:

    And if you want to do a paper on MMJ, click that first link in my sig! I've done most of your research for you! :D

    Granny :wave:
  13. Usually, when I have stuff to do, I try my hardest to do it before I get high...and get high at the end to signify my gift for completing the task. I don't get too lazy, but sometimes if I smoke and try to do something, I end up doing a thousand other things that I didn't plan on doing before the fact.

    Guess it depends on what I'm doing.
  14. once i got was posted up in my car with my MFLB and once complete with that i raked the whole lawn. it was amazing outside. couldnt ask for a better day

  15. A term paper that was only 8 pages?! My university term papers are more like 15 pages required, you got off easy.
  16. abk- wish I went to your school. I kept going over the limit on pages and had to edit it down!

    I liked to start on my term paper as soon as I had a "feel" for the prof! I would have it done a few weeks before it was due. Then I could focus on my finals, and just "pretty up" the papers right before turning them in! I find it helps to let the papers sit and then look at them with "fresh eyes"!

    Everyone else was freaking out trying to do term papers and study for finals! Putting everything off can cost you a good grade!
  17. I had the same problem. It's hard to cram a semester's worth of research and knowledge into 15 pages, I don't even want to think what problems an 8 page term paper would cause me. I think I'd end up dumbing it down too much to get it short enough.

    It's no surprise that you were a good student that got work done on time. By your MMJ list and your posting, it shows that you are a very knowledgable, dedicated individual. It seems you can give sound advice on just about any topic too. Keep doin' your thing, granny. :hello:
  18. On Sunday I always smoke up a bunch then clean my entire apartment and everything in it. Bongs get cleaned, ash trays washed, laundry gets done,
    Etc. I always go to the store and get all the shit I need for the week. Makes me feel really good about my day

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