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weed did good for me today

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by blindmelon19, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. this is how everybody should think:
    i was getting pissed off a lot reently about random stuff, so i got stoned earlyer and listened to lots of chilli peppers and i was thinking about all this stuff then one of them third world adverts came on my tv (the ones that make you feel guilty and offer a diving watch or something) and it actually worked. i thought to myself that i am pretty lucky for what i am, out of all the different ways i could of lived iv got it going good for me. im not from a rich family but im not exactly from a poor one, iv got music and somebody called my a 'beast like' guitarist the other day (which i think is good), i have the write to think what i want, iv got a lot of people close to me and so on. so iv stoped being moody. i probably would of carried on being ignorant about it if i didnt smoke weed.

    so yea ur all lucky

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