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Weed/dehydration/anxiety... Help?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Scrappythaking, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Little over a year ago i went on a weeks long cruise vacation. Long story short, I got shit faced all week long, came back home and smoked a blunt first thing for the first time in a week. Now prior to this I NEVER had a bad experience with weed. I've hit bongs, bowls, smoked joints and blunts and never had an issue with anxiety whatsoever. But drinking all week long I came back dehydrated and smoking that blunt sent my ass into a bad panic attack. I mean I was tripping balls so bad that I even went to the hospital and had the doctor lady tell me that I was dehydrated and she got me set up with IV's and fluids. Felt ok afterwards but ever since that time smoking just hasn't been the same for me. Every time I toke I feel anxious and just can't really relax like I used to. I was just curious if anyone has had this issue and found any new methods or came across anything that helped you enjoy getting baked again? As of right now I'm not smoking and sadly I'm debating just quitting for good. :( If you found anything that helped you enjoy smoking again please let me know cause not being able to enjoy getting baked just sucks and I never in the world thought I'd be having these issues. Thanks for reading and issuing any help!!! It'd be much appreciated!!!
  2. Fuck you and gary the groshopper. Hope you hurry up and get banned already cause this sounds like a shitty book.
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  3. Ok, I'll keep that in mind! Thank you for the response!
  4. ????
  5. Let's be nice guys. Lol. I just need responses that could possibly help me get over my "anxiety". Please and thank you.
  6. Nandos?
  7. Nope, never been to the UK.
  8. Thank you for the previous responses but any responses with actual personal experience and/or methods to get through this would be more helpful! Please and thank you! -J
  9. Ok, cool. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. If you think your gonna panic about it, then you will panic because your thinking about it. Your hangover probably caused most of your downfall as well probably why you where dehydrated. Maybe that week tolerance break made it hit you harder too. plus if it was a blunt they get you good too after a tolerance break. Ik when i had first started smoking blunts that got super baked really quick sometimes sickening if to much.

    Just try to relax by getting yourself situated for something fun and distracting so your not thinking about it too much. Rather then doing nothing and thinking about it
  11. Good idea!! I like to write and play video games. You're talking about something like that to help me chill out?
  12. How old are you
  13. 25 my brother.
  14. If you have a favourite comedic show or podcast or whatever just flip that on when you start freaking out. It's what I do.
  15. So you've had "anxiety" issues too? I've never experienced it till about a year ago and the shit sucks. I've had my heart rate increase a few times and that's kinda contributed to it too. I know I'm not going to die but it just sucks when you're tripping balls rather than just being baked. :/
  16. Yes, I'm very sensitive to THC and I have a panic disorder on top of that so I have had many freak outs and anxiety attacks. I just find an amount that works for me and I know what to do when the attack sets in. I just flip on some Frasier or Friends or Ricky Gervais Show with Karl Pilkington. Chills me right out.
  17. Damn, I'm sorry to hear that man! It's good you can chill out though when the time comes! Thanks for the advice!! Hope you can stay enjoying your high!
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  18. Oh if you take some CBD after you smoke it will even you out. Helps a lot.
  19. Yeah! I've read a lot about that! I wish I lived in a state where it was legal. :/ I'd just snag me some nice indica and chiilllllllll out. Lol. Maybe the time will come eventually. :/
  20. CBD from hemp is legal in all states. CBD from cannabis is not.

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