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  1. Gonna buy my own weed for the first time from a dealer. Just some random questions like I notice how all dealers use slang like "no tango" or "plug some weed to you", where do they invent these talks?

    and why do dealers care about where you got a number?

    I also think I made a mistake, since I mentioned the word "weed" in my first text
  2. No understando mexican slang.

    And mentioning weed doesn't matter. Unless they are slinging pounds on a daily basis they don't have to worry about someone saying weed in a call/text.
  3. they care because they want to know if you got it from one of their regulars rather than a cop

    they get their lingo from their surroundings/watching t.v.

    you didn't make a mistake unless you know the guys is mad sketch
  4. Whoah. Ok I'm a little baked but I'm going to try and explain this.

    Why does he want know where you got his number? He don't know you. He's dealing illegal drugs so for all he knows you could be the cops callin him. And he just says "yeah I got weed" and bam. Next day his door breaks down and swat rolls in and kills his dog....

    And I've never really heard the slangs you mentioned. Most of them I just tell em straight up, but that's only after they know me. But I've had dealers talk about grams in lbs. of meat. Like " hey man, I want 3.5 lbs of meat"

    And since you're new. Don't look nervous bro. Makes you look like a sketchy customer, so he might not sell to you for long.

  5. That would only happen if your dealer sells big weights.
  6. What the fuck is no tengo? If my dude said no tengo to me I would pinch his nipples so hard
  7. me too fuck that slang
  8. I dunno bout you but dealers prolly do that to first time buyers unless they're complete retards...
  9. [quote name='"nicetoastyblunt"']What the fuck is no tengo? If my dude said no tengo to me I would pinch his nipples so hard[/QUOTE
    that's fucki funny man
  10. Typical Transaction:

    Buyer: Could I have a quarter of your finest bud please?
    Dealer: Sure thing, Meet at X in 30 mins?
    Buyer: Sounds good.
  11. Riiiiiight, because the guy this DID happen to, was totally slingin pounds...

  12. They care where you get their number because they don't necessarily want their customer base to get too big. Shit can get bucky. N'aw mean?

  13. OK well no tengo means "I dont have it/any" in spanish, not really slang. Slang is different everywhere, just make it as quick of a transaction as you can and it will get less awkward the more you go to him/her.

    And the dealers care where you got the number from b/c its illegal. They cant be doing business from just anyone, its a dangerous game. You need someone who will put in a good word for you so they know your cool/not a cop. They dont want to get into trouble w/ the law just for selling a dub.
  14. If i was a D.D. i wouldn't want people handing out my number would you? If you got it from a client of his, just tell him who

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