weed cured me!

Discussion in 'General' started by flashlight, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. i just realized this...wasnt actually the weed that cured me but indirectly...

    i used to SUCK at putting eye drops in...id get freaked out and close my eye or poke myself or squirt myself in the face and it was a mess...

    since ive been smoking regularly, i realized today after months of smokign, that i put eye drops in SO fast and easy withouth even thinking about it...must have been from so much practice...i do use a mirror, but can do it without and i get 2 percect drops everytime..i pu the drop righ onto my eyeball so it just flows over my eye lol...just thoguth it was funny that i am now great at using eye drops bc of smoking so much weed hahaha
  2. when i was a kid, I use to fight my mom when she put in eyedrops even if my eyes were hurting. I don't think i've ever put eyedrops in without using alot of the bottle b4 smoking

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