Weed culture in Finland?

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  1. Is there any finnish stoners here on gc? I've always wondered how the weed culture is in Finland?
    I dont expect replies since finnish potheads doesn't seem that common.
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    Lol all I know about Finland is that they make Fiskars scissors.
  3. A common swedish view on Finland is vodka and alcoholics lol. No but seriously i think it's a shame finnish people dont smoke that much pot.
  4. Not sure about Finland, but I do have a cousin that lives in Norway. He told me that weed is expensive over there, and most people just stick to cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and alcohol.
  5. Yes the weed prices in Norway are ridiculously high.
    I've heard it's around 20-25$/g but i dont know for sure, only VikingToker can give us the best answer
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    Im the only Finnish one here?
    if you know what this is...you are FINNISH!

    Kivettömiä naaras
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  7. I never remember how it's spelt but is it a karjalanpiirakka? I'm not Finnish though!
  8. pasteija
    or "pasty"
  9. Damn, I was thinking of this:

  10. looks like a pasty to me.
    have u been to upper michigan?
    r u a upper? (pronounced: YOU-per?)
  11. is it easy to get weed in finland? also whats the price
  12. Hi all! I'm finnish and i've been smoking for some time now :) it's relatively easy to find bud here in Helsinki (the finnish capital) if you have friends because someone allways knows someone who sells. Bud normally costs 20 euros a gram, but if you have good connections you get it cheaper. The quality also depends quite a lot, often requiring good connections to get some good shit.
  13. But yeah, normally costs quite much comparing to other countries.. Can't wait to grow my own stuff!!
  14. Nice 2 finnish guys so far :D
  15. Yeah.. :D I know quite many people who smoke but none of them hang out in any weed related forums as far as i know, so don't know if they aren't just interested? Dunno. I just ordered A mflb and nobody doesn't even know what a vaporizer is :p
  16. Hello everyone. Just moved from Netherlands to Helsinki. Any suggestions to find grass good as Dutch in here? have been looking into all types of forums but none helped.
  17. start ur own thread I may help this is OLD!
  18. Oh, It is so expensive. No wonder people would like to grow by themselves. :confusedalt:

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