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Weed / Cruise ships...

Discussion in 'General' started by JCrohn, May 13, 2009.

  1. Im going on a carribean cruise in a few months and i was wondering what you guys do about your cannabis habits on a cruise ship?

    Without marijuana, it wont even be enjoyable because my crohns would flare up like a 'mofucka.

    Anyways, I was thinking about taking 3 oz of medical bud and baking it into edibles that could be consumed on board, would this be detectable at all by cruise security?

    The cruise line is royal carribean.

    I also plan to stop in Jamaica...whats the best way about gettin' bud there?
  2. Once on the ship anything goes but first comes customs and their a bitch.
  3. Just pickup some island bud bro.
  4. their are a few threads up here with your exact situation. You might find some interesting info in there.

    And also edibles might be possible because your not supposed to bring your own booze on board and my uncle was able to sneak a bottle of jack daniels and Captain Morgan (my favorite) without any trouble. so as long as the dogs can't sniff out edibles which wouldn't surprise me if they could. bringin weed on board has been done but i've never heard of bringin 3 oz
  5. When going out of the country, they dont care as much. Its when you're coming in that you have to worry.

    Baked goods is a great way to do it. Just bring other food to make it seem less suspicious if you bring a huge plate of brownies or something
  6. Lol ask anyone in jamaica and they can hook you up
  7. I'm sure if i put the brownies in with my power bars and other workout food it would be very hard to tell :)

    I always keep a few powerbars on me wherever i go anyway.
  8. Good choice OP. I love Royal Caribbean. :)

    I think it's a bit harder to smuggle, but if you go to Jamaica you should be able to get some. I wouldn't risk it, personally. The cruise is a lot of fun, with or without weed.

    But you have a medical condition... hmm... I dunno man.
  9. it shouldn't be too hard to get buds in jamaica, at least from what i've hear i have never been yet =/

    hope you enjoy your trip either way
  10. I took it on the way OUT of the US with no problem......Bagged it a few times and put it down my pants......no problem. We had some left when the cruise was done and I dumped it. Good thing too, 'cause customs was intense to say the least on the way back INTO the US.

    There was no search whatsoever on the way out. BTW, I went on Royal Caribean too.....what ship are you going on?
  11. You can take that shit on the ship, just dont take it with you when you get off the ship when it docks. B/c when you get back on there is usually "customs". And for sure smoke it all or get ride of it by the time you get pack home. When you get off there is always a BP with the sniffer DOG. So ya take and dont get off the boat with it.
  12. On our Honeymoon cruise on the Star Princess (The Love Boat!) we took just under an ounce and had no problems.

    Here's what you do (this advice was passed down to me by my child's Godmother, who has been smoking MJ since the 60's, and is the only human being I know who can a) smoke me and my father under the table, and b) Can drive a car and get you where you're going while tripping on acid. I trust her implcitly. Oh and she's been cruising since the 80's, goes at least once a year).

    On the first day, go down to the front desk and tip your room steward a nice amount ($50 or $100, whatever you were planning tipping him at the end). Do it AT the desk because then they get bonus points or something. When you meet your steward, kind of feel them out, let them know you won't be any trouble, and you kind of like to be left alone.

    If you have a balcony you should be OK to smoke out there, other decks MIGHT smell it, but the ship is usually going too fast for the smell to go very many places. Smoking in the bathroom is your other choice, turn the fans on, blow the smoke into the chimney, you should be fine.

    Customs from the U.S. to the boat is non-existent. I'm not sure they even bother checking luggage, maybe the do. Just bring it on board with you - my wife brought it in her bra, they don't search you. Of course, take the double bag precaution, etc.

    If you have a Medical Marijuana Recommendation from the state where you're leaving from (i.e. California I guess is the only one) you're fine actually. You can tell them in advance, and they shouldn't have any problems.

    Half the crew tokes up anyway. Shit your steward may be 420 friendly.

    As for in Jamaica, I really don't have any experience to pass along, thought I've heard that they are tough on stupid white people who get busted. My guess is that once you dock, find a taxi and get him to take you somewhere cool for lunch, and on the way see if he knows where you can buy some.

    I wouldn't try to bring it back on board though, you do pass through a security check before you reboard.
  13. Me and my sister decided not to take bud for our family cruise and it was a good idea because their was a dog before we got on the ship.

    That was carnival though.
  14. hey arent shrooms legal in the caribbean? I would just buy some of thos when i got down there. it'll make your cruise a hell of a lot more fun imo.
  15. I have taken smoke on all crusise lines. I just stashed it in some coffee grinds and put it in my pants. Only take enough to smoke b/c coming through customs on your way back you can get busted. I smoked in my room and out on the deck. If you do decide to purchase on the island be careful it's not as easy as everyone says. If you get busted on the island the punishment there is alot more harsh than here in the US.
  16. Would I have to worry about odogs detecting edibles such as cannabutter, a few brownies, etc?

    Instead o' three oz ill probably just take 1 oz that has been turned into things like butter, brownies, etc.

    I have been on a crusie before but it was when i was still a kid - so obviously i didnt care too much about bud.
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