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Weed costs

Discussion in 'International Marijuana News' started by Batman123456, May 14, 2017.

  1. seeds about 107$ so that much for a few pounds
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  2. 200-240 \ oz for top shelf , can't even keep in pocket smelly grade AA dank..

    Treasure coast, FL
  3. South fl ?? Sounds identical
  4. Ready to move to Boulder next yr! ✈♒
  5. Up in nj I was paying over 300 for beasters. It was uncxured. Rushed dried chlorophyll tasting amateur produced hung over hot water n steamed to add weight my highschool buddies older bro. Lol. Then I had a hippy friends moms bf who photographed for grateful dead traveling. Spotted n let us break it up n financially rape every kid in my hjighh school (no one had herb like this in highschool...) QP s of NL x Blueberry Haze. FOUR TWENTY FIVE AN OZ!!! I still smoked free n made pocket money. Once a month the "non local" as he called it came thru , best herb I smoked to THIS DAY White Lady. Mmm!m! Almost metallic, diesel fuel aroma. Damn near dripping w rez. Dense ,"need a grinder ". To roll up AAA grade NorCal outdoor. 475 n oz credited. Usually only 1 or 2 oz left for us in the pkg... Wow I remembers the smell so vividly
  6. In sweden you have to buy from dealers and the cost is 10 to 15 dollars a gram for hasch weed so even more expensive 15 to 20 dollars a gram so very expensive here.
    5 grams is usally 50 dollar for hasch and 50-70 dollar for weed.
    Wish it was legal then prices would probably be much better.
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  7. It wouldn't be that much cheaper if it was legal mate, from what I've read people pay $50 for 2gs of hash in legal states
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  8. quality might be alot better tho
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  9. Really? Did not know that but still I would not risk getting arrested for growing my own if it was legal.
  10. Yeah it probably would have one guy that´s always been honest about quality so the better the more expensive it is.
    Others never seems to know what strain or kind of hasch they sell they just call it standard and it is usally the same price.
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    $us10 million per metric ton is the average


    regardless ..electricity the largest costing

    better to grow in a power cheap country ...lol

    good luck
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    In two legal states US states I've lived in, you can easily find good quality at $6.33 a gram. Total with tax is around $10 a gram for specials some places run to promote a grower. I don't mind paying 37% sales tax, it goes to schools allegedly. Ironic. Are schools still teaching kids not to smoke dope?
    Some people will pay more if they think they're getting a premium product.
  13. Colorado has a weird market right now, there are definatley $80.00 ounces (plus tax so bout 109.00) on the rec scene and sure Occasionally they will pass for decent bud, but for the most part it is the popcorny, ugly indoor, or poor quality greenhouse/outdoor.. To the untrained eye or non picky palate its fine, but the handful of shops that produce the "cali level dank" sell it for more like 35 a 1/8th and 185 a oz(plus tax on each) Colorado kinda has a bad rep for quality right now cuz everyone raced to that lowest price per oz trying to sell the most bulk... now i kinda see a shift towards boutique level stuff
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  14. Hi from South Africa here, I get 450 grams for a thousand ZAR, that's roughly £60 for 450 grams. Its got a lot of seeds though , about third of the total weight. Still a deal in my opinion , because costing me about £0.3 per joint, i get to smoke 10-15 joints a day, and have some spare change for munchies !
    :love-m3j:Have a great lifted day everyone.
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  15. Well im using a 1000 watt led now and it does not cost that much in electricity and my plants love it.
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    ur gonna get banned scammer or not you're dumb
  17. Oregon is selling grams between $2 and $15 per gram.
    You get what you pay for. If you have a very little tollerance and don't smoke much, the $2 a gram stuff isn't that bad. It's a much lower thc but like I said, if you're a part time smoker, it will do just fine.

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