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Weed Cookies Didn't Work?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by chillyreefa, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. I've been smoking weed since I was 16. Yesterday was my first time trying an edible. My boyfriend gave me a reasonable piece fit for an edible beginner. I didn't get high at all. I ate it 45 mins to an hour after a meal.. Any suggestions for my next attempt?
  2. Eat more...

    it's also possible it was not prepared properly.
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  3. I'm going to go with, Not prepared properly also. If it came from a dispensary with dosing regulations, well, I don't get any kind of high from dispensary foodies.
  4. His uncle's friend made them himself. Maybe I should consume more next time. I had the smallest buzz
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  5. Wasn't made properly is likely. Maybe you should try on an empty stomach and wait til it kicks before eating dinner.
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  6. Is the high better on an empty stomach?
  7. I've been told and experienced that it's not good to consume on an empty stomach, I've always gotten the highest when eating my edible with a high fat meal, not too much just like a cheese burger and some fries, takes longer to hit but it hits in waves which I prefer with an eddible.

    Also op try smoking a little bit into your eddible experience, that always kick starts it, it's like you smoke a blunts and you never come down Haha. That's at least what I tend to do, cheers everyone
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  8. I don't think you ate enough. Problem with edibles is you don't green out like you do with smoking ganja. You just keep getting more and more hammered until you're sick and miserable.

    Just try more next time. You'll get there. As far as empty stomach or no, it depends on how fast and hard you want the edible to hit you. What I would do for a first timer and someone new to the experience is always take edibles on a partialy ful stomach. Say half a meal then give it 45 minutes and then eat your edible.

    It will hit you in about 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Depends on many things as far as onset time goes. When an oil or butter is made and added to brownies or cookies it hits faster and harder. When decarbed ganja is added directly into the edible it takes longer to hit you and you kind of slide easily right into it. The bus I mean.

    Try more. If you felt a little something then double the amount and you'll be fine. You could probably do with more then that but it is far better to take your time until you know how edibles effect you. Good luck and enjoy!
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  9. see I started to smoke with it but I was being cautious bc it was my first time lol
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  10. Thank you for the advice
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  11. You can get waaaaay higher than you want to be with properly made edibles. Be careful, nothing wrong with starting slow or upping dosage incrementally.
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  12. That's why I don't like edibles. It's really hard to get the doseage right. I bought these roasted almonds at the dispensary. I ate the whole bag. I was so high I could not see straight. I couldn't focus at all.

    The next time I bought them, I didn't feel anything. nada. A lot of it has to do with your tolerance level.

    The time I ate a brownie on an empty stomach, I got really sick. I mean puking sick. I think you need something light in your stomach. If he made the budder right, maybe you need to eat more than one.
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  13. You need to find out what your car antennas and find out what the milligram is in the cookies. You need to find out what your dosing is. I can help you with that if you want. Just hit me up
  14. Lol....voice recog sucks....
  15. That's why I absolutely fucking hate dispensery edibles. They are fucking garbage. They try and use every part of the plant which means they use the part of the plant that can't be used anywhere else. They cook the green plant matter down in water, allow the water to steep the minute amounts of the good stuff and then add oil or butter. Let is go for a while, take it off of the heat, freeze it and pull the canna butter off of the top. I was watching a program on one of the odd ball cable channels. It was even done here in Las Vegas like that and several other states that they had reported on, which explains my horrible experience with dispensary bought edibles. I know that they use shake and old ganja that just didn't sell, shit like that. Still though, DAFUQ?

    They just don't handle the whole experience like you or I would because their first focus and most times only focus is money. So this investigative reporter goes and purchase edibles from a handful of dispensaries and then lab tests them all. The results were fucking sorry. Most had negligible to nonexistent levels of anything that would get you high. They charge a mother fucking premium here too! You believe that sorry shit! So fucking angry when people take advantage of the medical community and more then that everyone in general because you know that if they could those dispensaries would sell their bunk ass shit to everyone they could. Fucking losers....

    So, we make our own. Then we share what we learn with the city and as a beautiful field of grass, every blade grows from a single experience. And so it goes....I know I have learned a crazy amount in a short time and every bit of that was from this forum. My edibles are bar none the most amazing thing that any one I know including myself have eaten and experienced. Many of the blades here report the same thing. The. Same. Thing! That is how easy it is to make proper edibles, you just got to go to the appropriate forum and learn about it. Edibles forum here is great once you know enough to see what is bullshit, who you should and shouldn't listen too and have a better u dear standing of baking in general. That's what I did. My edibles were great before, but now they are god like. Again, thank you grass city! :metal:

  16. So what do you recommend? Instead of going through all the trouble of making budder, I'd like to make something out of a gram of shatter. I know how to decarb it. Can you recommend something easy I could make?
    I'd melt the shatter into coconut oil.
  17. Only thing I really know is if you're going to cook something you never cook a small amount :)

  18. So how do I make your godlike edibles? Please? It would save me having to go through pages trying to find a recipe that are godlike.
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  19. Id like to know the mg in your godlike edibles....wheres it at??

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