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  1. Many people choose to argue with the matter of marijuana consumption by saying that the drug slows the mind and that it reduces its' users to 'zombies' which do not contribute anything to society, who do not do anything meaningful or constructive and sit at home all day wasting their minds away. I for one think that this opinion stems from the mindset that inevitably comes with capitalism and that in our capitalist dominated world today contributes to the very narrow mindset of these people.
    \tThe definition of constructive or meaningful work is also disputable. While many people would describe what a non-user would be able to do, listing activities such as sport, exercise, sustain a respectable job…etc, I would argue that while marijuana (at least for some people) can certainly hinder or discourage certain people from doing these sorts of activities, it all depends on how you define 'meaningful'.
    \tIf the meaning of life is indeed, to be 'happy', I believe that marijuana does help me and many others in this case. Whenever under the influence of cannabis, I find that I enjoy everything, or life in general, much more. I can easily find inspiration in all sorts of things, ranging from music to art, which in turn helps me with my writing and creative side (as an aspiring artist). Even everyday objects, or things which would usually seem mundane and unexciting, the lamp which has been on your desk for the past four years, for example, can suddenly burst into life and excitement. Certain foods which you may usually consider tasteless may burst with flavour. While feeling the effects of the drug, I gain a new sense of wonderment and consequently, happiness.
    \tAdditionally, people many give the example of exercise, or the toning of a body as something which a user would never be able to do. I would also say that this is not necessarily true, I am both a regular user and still manage to maintain and relatively healthy lifestyle, doing fairly regular exercise and competing competitively in sports. On the other hand, this idea of a 'healthy lifestyle' is also debatable. The idea that exercise and a healthy lifestyle makes a person more 'constructive' or makes them a more qualified person in society is up for argument. While I understand the need for a healthy body, the healthiness of the mind is equally important and marijuana usage unarguably helps with this. Whenever under the influence, the previously mentioned 'bursts' of inspiration i get not only boosts my artistic and creative skills but also makes me enjoy life much more.
    \tSo I find that this argument basically leads to two sides, one in which the happiness an individual is put up for argument. In my opinion, marijuana helps massively with the happiness of the mind, while a person can certainly be happy and content without marijuana, the drug aids many people in achieving this goal, so if it makes people happy with no proven drawbacks, then why be against it?
    \tThe other side would be in the scale of a community, where a user supposedly would not be able to contribute towards society or do anything 'constructive'. Would a person under the effects of marijuana, who would go on to create a beautiful piece of artwork, or a magnificent piece of music, a thought-inducing poem or anything to do with the arts in general, not be contributing more to society than a man who goes to the gym and works out everyday and has a tiresome, repetitive job?
    \tIn conclusion, while I am not saying that everyone has to embrace marijuana with open arms, I am saying that they should at least not so strongly judge it and to dismiss it.
    \tThis was not an argument regarding the controversial issue of the legalization of weed (which i do realize is complicated and has countless factors), I am just arguing against the people who have a problem with other people using marijuana.
  2. and if you've never tried it, don't judge it! :smoke:

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