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  1. I've searched and not been able to find the answer to this question. Pls help: what, if any, plants would be able grow in a hydro 6 gallon DWC/BBL BKT....I'm going to stick to the 2 mj but would like to use the remaining 2 empty spots for something very petite fruit or flower plant. Is this possible? Have YOU tried it? Ty
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    Duly noted
  3. i actually hear tomatoes are very similar to MJ... good luck

    ps.. don't bump a thread in less than 24 hours.. people will respond.. it just takes a while
  4. Thanks. I'm not a huge fan of tomatoes. Anything else?
  5. Try some strawberries. I drain my res onto my strawberry patch outside and they are mutant. I used both veggin nutes and flowering nutes and seriously these plants are gettin big.
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    Awesome! I wonder how the light cycle would effect em. Maybe the weed will take on a\tstrawberry flavor.

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