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Weed + cold

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokeweed1, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. So I fear I may be getting sick (coughing, stuffy nose, etc...) Could it be harmful to ones immune system if one got high whilst having. Basically should I stop smoking until shit clears up or chief on? :smoking::smoking:
  2. take lots of vitamin C

    and if you get sick, weed will make you feel better
    cause youll be high, and being high makes everything better

    except obesity
    i couldnt see it helping that
  3. I just picked up a cold 2 days ago, I couldn't believe how weed made it better.

    The symptoms were there, but they didn't feel bad at all, it was like they didn't exist, and I forgot I was sick very quickly.

    This happened every time I smoked since, but i recommend you drink a lot of vitamin C since weed does bring down your immune system a bit.
  4. i was smokin when i had swine flu so im sure you will be fine lol
  5. oh and its good for a runny nose when you get the dries it dries your nose up to lol
  6. I think I may have been sick for about a week but I didnt even relize it because I have been high a lot lately. It feels like I am recovering a little.
  7. I was just sick with a cold last week, dude. Smoked the whole way through it. Get lots of good nutrition.
  8. i was sick last week and wasnt sure if i should smoke or not. so i just took like 1 hit every couple of hours just to get feeling good. that worked really well.
  9. chief on def but what really helps especially when i feel a sore throat coming on is to drink a nice hot cup of tea with sum honey, even if ur not a tea drinker itll feel so soothing
  10. lol, well it's bad to smoke during a cold but it does an awesome job at allieviating the symtoms.

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