weed - coffee cocktail?

Discussion in 'General' started by petrified, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. hey, anyone tried to smoke a mix of weed and coffee?
    how was it?
    any though or suggestions?
  2. just one thought? .....why?

    sounds as if it would be a waste of good weed, after all it aint going to get you a better high.
  3. thats exactly what i was wondering, if it would give ya a better high or not

    so u think not...

    wel worth a shot maybe....i really wanna know if anyone else has tried it ever....
  4. why bother when you can just take the caffiene seprately.. though i wouldnt mind hearing what happened if you ever try it
  5. i'd think caffeine would be broken down in the coffee if it were to be set aflame....i'd stick to drinking coffee while smoking a bowl...now that goes together just fine
  6. that's the best way nubbin!

    can't beat freshly brewed coffee and a huge bowl!
  7. what the hells the point drink some beer instead

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