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Weed Cigars

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dude2009, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Did anyone ever try this?
  2. dam! hell no i never tried this, but it looks tempting(like it will get you super high)... hopefully ill try it in the near future
  3. Props to whoever has. That thing looks like the king of rollies.
  4. Damn that looks like a good time
  5. Fuck me that looks nice
  6. I'm pretty sure OSG has said that he's made a few in his lifetime. But he's a crazy grower, lol.
  7. wow.
    That is amazing.

    I must try one before i die.
  8. Never had one. But I can imagine how rediculasly amazing that experience would be :smoke:
  9. [​IMG]

    (not mine)
  10. :eek: boner
  11. holy god. i'd give anything to have that, ANYTHING.
  12. Lol it kind of looks like a dick. But I would still smoke it any day:D
  13. Mmmmm, tasty! Gangster. :D :smoke:
  14. Just call me Al Cablowne

  15. I hope someday I will get to try one they look so good!
  16. Id smoke that poll
  17. are thai sticks even around anymore? :confused_2:
  18. I'd quite like to start a cigar factory that makes just these :D

    imagine all the variety you could have using different strains and different leaves, could even have a whole line of purple cigars :cool:
  19. It looks amazing, but damn wayyyy too much work. I'd rather break down a blunt, but for sure amazing.

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