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  1. So lately I have been really thinking about dreams and why we have them and the reason for their happening. For some reason, the past few weeks I have been questioning life's characteristics, Religion/Being/Purpose. This might be a long post but I think everyone's opinion and perspective is really interesting so let me know what you think about what I have to say about dreams and alternate/parallel reality's

    So lately Ive been thinking about dreams,reincarnation, and parallel universes (now i might sound like a deusche right now, but I'm really just a stoner that listens to hip hop and ska and lifts weights and im not intelligent what so ever, but anyways...) and I've thought about a lot of heavy shit. SPECIFICALLY ON DREAMS. Like how I believe that "the random guy/girl I didn't know" in our dreams are people we know in our parallel universe's life.
    *_Every dream or most dreams we have might have a random person we believe our mind has made up in whatever "scenario" that is played out. I believe these random people are our other universe's memories ( i'll just starting saying "Twin" instead of parallel universe's) that are some how transmitted through parallel brain waves and what we see in the "scenario" is just us placed in as our "Twin's" memory or current action taking place. When were asleep we can latch onto our "Twin's" brainwaves.Such a powerful thing is to why we have hard times remembering certain details because what we experienced was genetically raw and our mind was traumatized almost like a micro "mini" coma, and we slowly get details back as whatever this connection is heals..
    *_Everybody has had that 15 second dream when they are barely asleep and dream of falling, tripping, some form of unexpected force to the body that suddenly wakes them up. (Like in Inception, when they had the "kick" to wake them up which by the way was bad ass). But I believe that we could be seeing images of our "Twin's" in whatever reality/universe parallel to ours's way of death, because every "Twin" that dies is another brainwave cut off from our minds in a different way and we are just seeing feedback from the situation. Since its so traumatic is why I believe its transmitted so clear and has an "actually there" grasp on things.

    So that's my theory hope you guys enjoy that :) time to pack another bowl, IM CASHEDDDD. so are my fingers, man you dudes better reply after all that shit. haha :smoke: Peace.
  2. It's always interesting to see what kind of philosophies people come up with when stoned lol

    keep tokin' :smoke:
  3. wall of words?... check
  4. Yeah man buzzy as. WHo knows man. Kinda freaky shit isnt it? I always think up this stuff up and then after i think it i say "ok im going to remember this when im sober so i can write it on grasscity" and then i fucking forget it my idionce, hahahaha i cant even say proper words. jackeroo dave across the universe
  5. Dude, I love your concept here, the falling interpreted as being cut off from a parallel version of yourself. I believe in alternate realities and parallel dimensions, and this shit is great! Lots of fun to sit and think about, and talk about if you've got the right person with the properly-wired mind to handle it.

    However I disagree that the people in dreams are parallel relations, because to me a dream is just a mental image made up of the free particles currently floating around in your mind. To sleep is to recharge, and so to dream is to defragment the brain, in my opinion. Still fun as fuck to sit and think about, though. I like to slip in and out of the dimensions to see what would have happened if this did/didn't happen like that, etc. I know I'm vague, I can't help it, I'm sober atm

    Even so, to each his own. Keep working on it, and you'll find yourself with more philosophy than you know what to do with!
  6. Yeah man thats the buzz im on all the time. I bet people that dont smoke think im crazy!!
  7. I smoke and I think you're crazy.

    I jest.

    But I disagree, mainly because I wouldn't want the realistic horrible things I dream about to be actually occurring or meeting these horrible people. That would suck..

    OP, check out source code. its a movie starring Jake gyllenhall or whatever. It's kinda gay but kinda cool. I have a feeling it'd be up your alley. But I warn you: I personally thought they could've done a way better job, but the plot was pretty sick
  8. Steeltown as in Hamilton? I philosophize about all kinds of crazy shit when I'm sober, being high just puts it into overdrive. I need to find somebody as interested in nihilism and existentialism as me and smoke with them.

  9. Steeltown as in pittsburgh lol

  10. haha nice man i guess everyone has their own unique outlook on the world we live in. I personally am starting to believe in reincarnation and how were recycled souls :confused: haha good shit
  11. The mind is really an intersting thing to explore. If you use the right chemicals you and really go to some far away places. Go deep into the core of the brain. See what makes it tick, and what makes human beings in patlicuar work. But you could also try medation. That is very intersting.
  12. Whether it's true are far far off, still an awesome observation

  13. I honestly wouldn't mind trying meditation, me and my friends play Gears of War and FIFA all the time stoned. I wonder how well they would take it if I just busted out " lets fucking meditate " after a GB hit.
  14. I would suggest if you were to do it with you friends to smoke away from those distractions such as playstation and xbox, celphones and computers. Perhaps in a diffrent enviroment such as somewhere far away from civilization. Take a road trip. It can be hard to make people do things. Its really about how well certian minds can connect with eachother and others cant.
    Why dont you try finding a partner you can experince these things with?
  15. This is a good point. Most people probably are not wired to be able to spontaneously meditate. Just remember every person you ever interact with has a different set of points on what's happening in that conversation, where it's been, what it means and where it's going, and those points seldom intersect.
  16. Yes its always intersting to be talking about a topic and somebody jumps in and everything changes. Anything can go any way. You never know its all luck and chance.

  17. yeah dude shit just threw me off...Anyways! does anyone believe in Reincarnation? Or whats everyone"s belief on when we die? If that's not too bold of a question to ask. Please share :hello:

    *_Personally I believe that when we die our soul (being) is refreshed into a new life, and we have a new chance to live a better life by better choices. Maybe why that's why the population moderation is similar every year, but maybe im just going through a "questioning stage" in my life and will snap out of it soon. But sometimes i just find it hard to believe that their is a high superior that judges our life's decision's when "he shall not judge" is a Christian way of things.

    My girlfriends Dad died for 1:43 seconds, flatlined and then came back. He said all that happened was he saw black, that's it. So let me know what u guys think
  18. OP, I think you got a pretty cool idea with this thread. I always see this man in my dreams, he is always the same guy. He is often dressed in different clothes so I know it isn't a repeat image in my head. I see this man in environments that aren't familiar to me at all, but don't exactly explain what time this man is in.

    So that's why I think this man is my "Parallel Universe Twin", or some person that I have reincarnated from. Possibly, this man is the guy that I will reincarnate into in a next life. I have been studying my dreams to truly and fully understand what's going on in this man's life; he has been there for as long as I remember. If he is my "Parallel Universe Twin", I'd love to meet this guy someday... He has some adventures that remind me of things I've done, perhaps that's why I do them; or that's why he does because he saw me do it. I have a feeling that if your idea is true then I'm sure subconsiously we improve on our life by reflecting off what our "Twin" has done.

  19. I know what you mean about a reoccurring images, Every now and then i have a dream of a deep rocky canal with bright green grass and a train on the other side of the hill, almost something out of an Ireland greeting card. I swear i can smell the air when i wake up..Ive been asking myself if this is some kind of special memory from an alternate reality. Or some significant landmark of my alternate reality.
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    Wow bro powerful shit. I believe in reincarnation.

    Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it's as simple as that. Well, it's actually incredibly complex, but only if you want to make it complex haha.

    Awesome idea about dreams being a gateway to our "parallel" experiences. That makes a lot of sense, I mean it's proven that sleeping is when we truly "learn" and internalize information. "process" it, if you want another word.

    If you're continually seeing a significant image, it might be another form of yourself (everything is in the grand scheme of things), but more likely in my opinion it's a spirit guide or a similar sort of entity.

    OP you should go and bring some of your idea's over to the "spirituality and philosophy" forum, we could use another quality blade over there and you'll get some real good feed back (for the most part) haha. Good post :smoke:

    And you might also want to check out the Bhagavad-Gita (A Hindu Bible basically) it really explains a lot of things about reality, life after death, reincarnation, etc. Very good book, I highly recommend it to anyone. :)

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