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    I feel like weeds changed my personality. For the better though. The first drastic change is my music taste. I mainly listened to pop music and top 100s but now I love finding new music and rock indie bands. Before I was a bit meaner but now I just want good vibes and seek out meaningful and genuine relationships. I didn't watch tv much but I love watching bojack horseman currently. I used to be very insecure about my appearance, even got plastic surgery. But now I've came to terms with my appearance and don't care about superficial stuff. I think if I haven't gotten the surgery yet but started smoking weed instead, then I would've never gotten the surgery. I didn't go to museums much, but now I love going to different museums in foreign countries and appreciate art more. I didn't appreciate nature as much but now I love it so much, going on hikes, sitting at lakes, going through parks. I care more about the environment and try to recycle a lot and reuse or bring my own bags to grocery stores. I never had the time to read books but now I've purchased and read so many poetry books. I also used to party and drink a lot but now I'm not excited to get drunk out in public and being sloppy but prefer either chilling at home baked watching cartoons or going for nice walks in nature while high.

    Has anyone felt similar changes like this? Maybe weed didn't change me but instead help bring out my real genuine personality without caring what people thought of me.

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  2. Love to hear that someone on this forum enjoys Bojack Horseman as much as I do! Binged the first 3 seasons and am anxiously waiting for season 4 to come out haha. And yes the first time that I reached my peak level of "highness" from weed I feel that It definitely changed me as a person and changed my overall outlook of life.
  3. Yeah I can relate to all the characters even Sarah Lynn.

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  4. Have you finished all the seasons yet? I wouldn't want to mess up the experience if you hadn't
  5. Watch rick and Morty when your high its better than bojack horseman:confused_2:
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  6. Yeah currently watching season 3 episode 11

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  7. My friend also recommended me this show, I'll watch it after I finish Bojack! Thanks for the recommendation pal.

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  8. Gets pretty real towards the end for sure... Nevertheless one of my all time favorite shows
  9. That is awesome man enlighten yourself and feel the love.
  10. I've been watching breaking bad recently got through 3 series in 4 days lol just picked up my names earl season 2 shits funny af when your high :laughing:
  11. Well, ive changed alot aswell. I dont know why, but i feel more relaxed everyday and my taste in music has also changed alot. I went from metal to rap
  12. I went from pop/rap to Jah Roots and Reel Big Fish and then Sublime. So I changed to ska/reggae/punk/rock type music mostly. I am also relaxed the majority of the time and a very long fuse, whereas I used to have a short fuse. Weed made me realize the trivial things we get upset over, and I often personally find it a mystery why people get upset over the smallest things. It also changed me from christian to atheist, and it made me from a D student to an A student, it helped me care more about my work and it made me feel better and gave me confidence that I never had before, I was always super timid, but weed helped me gain confidence in myself and that made a lot of difference, so I have nothing but positives to say about it.
  13. Weed probably has changed me to a degree but I first started smoking weed at 14 (I'm 50). I've always been a bit of a nerd so the love of art and books has always been there. It probably made me into a bit of a political junkie which started when I was about 14 (thanks Hunter S Thompson). I've always been introverted and anxious in social settings weed has definitely helped me to relax around people. I've always used it recreationally but recently in the past year going through a divorce and having to single handedly sell my house weed has been a lifesaver. I wouldn't have eaten or slept without it and would probably be taking several medications if not for weed. Fortunately my life has settled down so weed more of a recreation again. I still get inspired to learn something new when high.
    The above comments have made me want to check out Bojack Horseman. I love Moral Oral and You Pretty Face in Hell. If it's as warped as those two series then I think I'll love it.
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  14. When I was in middle school and high school I used ganja to self medicate. To cope with the bullshit that goes with adolescence.

    When I had cancer I used it as medicine and as a way to cope with chemo, radiation, surgeries and stress. Would not have made it without ganja. No fucking way.

    I still medicate with it and it's my go to cure all. I have backed off on almost all of my prescribed meds. I sleep better, eat better and I am better able to cope with the anxiety I deal with.

    My wife says my attitude is better when I'm high, I enjoy myself more, I'm more outgoing, just more fun to be around in general. So I'm thinking ganja has changed me for the better too.
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  15. yeah broo weed sure did change you,,, just made you more HIGH!!!!!!

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