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Weed changed me :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by oFriskyGnome, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. I enjoy life more now even sober... I notice beauty more (especially in nature) I take time to enjoy the little things and it taught me to observe more...
    Anyone else feel this way?
  2. that's like totally rad dude
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    Absolutely. From the beginning I have always chose not to do cliche 'stoner' things while high, and I've really used pot to gain retrospective and to self analyze myself. You can learn a lot from herb if you smoke and just sit down and think for awhile. I definitely feel that I've awoken in a sense from the way I used to look at the world.. I've changed my diet and started reading about new topics (Buddhism, space, Yoga, meditation, botany/nature ,raw vegan eating/cooking etc.) Having a joint and going outside with a cup of organic chamomile and just taking in the sheer beauty of the cosmos is one of the most nourishing things to do for my soul. <3
  4. I don't think weed changes anybody, I just think it brings out the REAL you.

    Weed is pretty damn introspective. It makes you look at yourself, and others around you from a new angle.

    I think what people experience when getting into smoking weed isn't a "change" necessarily, but just aspects of their life being brought to the surface.
  5. Ive looked through many post and every situation is different heres mine;

    I am 6'2/ 180 ibs/ run 2 miles a day 5 times a week/ lift wieghts 3-5 times a week./ I drink a 1-2 glasses a water a day.

    Question 1. What kind of drug test is this: Quest Diagnostics; test request 35190N ? Has anyone eles had this test?

    Question 2. I Have never Smoked in my life until recently. My 2 roommates and me smoked Mon-Thurs. for a month straight. (4 times a week) using a one hitter and twice a bong. Usually 3 hits each. Funny thing is i didnt inhale it properly the first 2 weeks because i didnt know what i was doing. After that i would try to inhale it correctly and got high probably only 4 or 5 times in 2 weeks but still smoked 4 times a week during that month. MY question is if you dont get high does that mean the THC doesnt get into your system ? What kind of pot smoker was i during this time ?

    Question 3: I have been clean for 17 days and have a drug test on my 21 day clean. (3 weeks). Is this enough time to pass it?
  6. Man I'm high now just basking in the glory. I love meeting new people to toke up. It makes m so happy to see more and more people realizing cannabis is something great everyone of us should enjoy.
  7. Welcome to your true self, and the fam, OP. :wave:
  8. I also came to the realization that people are living to work... Constantly trying to get more money... I realized that life is about enjoying experiences sights smells and personalities...

    To really live I feel like you need to live it the moment.... Weed has freed me from worry... Even when sober I just feel in sync with the world now and I know my place:..
  9. I feel the same way. I enjoy the beauty of nature way more. Even just the little things that I used to take for granted I cherish now.
  10. Same with me honestly, its changed my thought process and how I think of certain things. I enjoy a lot more nice things, I'm less shy, I'm a nicer person

    I love to just get high and think about shit by myself. It's kind of like learning in its own way :p
  11. sick dude, keep cheifin, weed is a wonderful thing
  12. I LOVE THIS THREAD!!! Cannabis Hads changed my hole outlook on life and im glad im not alone, I do enjoy life a lot more and it makes me the person i wanna be friendly and chatty. And im obsessed with token up and going walks enjoying the great views earth has to offer. I love my life now!! :)
  13. Most of us feel like weed does that to us.
  14. Weed is awesome everybody, weed is awesome.


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