Weed changed me? *WARNING 5MIN READ*

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    hey guys just wanted to share a cool story with my bros :smoking: .

    Summer June - August
    been smokin the ganja since I was 15 with my first crazy experience (i dont know if it was a badtrip but I know that at the beggning of the high I was doing some funny shit and everyone was laughing with me and having a good time xD) it ended with me puking twice haha.During 2 weeks of beggining of summer break i toked from time to time 1-2/week but for some reason I didnt like it i felt weird and uncomfortable and I became like more shy coudnt look people in the eyes and this cost me my gf(I became too much of a loner like staying at home etc.)its only at the end of summer that everything changed.

    Summer end(september-december)
    realized that smokin pot made me me a loner (this is when i was tokin 1-2/week you know at partys or outside) and got into stimulants(not really aloud to talk about drugs here if you really really wanna know the details of this shit then pm) hooked the 1st day everyday and when school started felt happy as fuck but then I had to stop cause i coudnt concentrate anymore and my depression and anxiety went ever higher after having a crazy week no sleeping and actually sleeping i decided to stop. all this happend between september-december.

    I found maryjane.(january-today)

    after feeling shit. for 2 days i had a 20$ that was near my pc and i decided to give marijuana another chance and my lucky me my dealer friend owed me alot of money(well dope.) but asked him instead to repay me in pot. he was really suprised lol cause i never bought pot so i got an oz of mids and i was like shit.... this is so much fuckin weed(he still owed me even more but hes a close friend). after smoking a bowl I was stoned ( haha only took me a bowl to get high xD) and the next morning i was like fuck it im smoking again (first time actually wake baked haha) . from that morning i started smoking my pot even faster then before. after a coouple weeks and then one day i was really really high at home but it wasnt this fucked weird high it was like i was awakened that maryjane was hugging me and was like smoke me i was really really high but i felt good like really good . since that high everything changed but this time for good even stopped stimulants little by little (stopped thinking of that shit).


    Im still smokin everyday been 2 years non stop my parents and friends always tell me im spending too much on weed (never too much:smoking: with weed) around 1/4lb a week or if its dank then ill buy less.I think that smokin pot everyday is better then from time to time (well this is for me) cause i can actually function and everything is more fun,funnier, get less pissed less shy I dont give a fuck about a thing and the more weed I have/the higher I am the more I feel even better hard to explain all this to say smoking weed everyday is way more fun then smokin from time to time even though tolerance is a bitch
  2. it sounds like life is fun for you currently, why change it?
    as long as you can financially uphold your purchases, and weed doesn't become your life then live and let live :D
  3. As long as your life doesn't revolve around getting high then keep on doing it
  4. just remember you control the herb..
  5. Why don't you grow?

  6. [​IMG]

  7. I agree I smoke so much I cant afford it lol, I'm starting to grow.

    I had the same experience in my teens I was really shy and stayed away from everyone after smoking, especially after smoking then going to school (felt like everyone was watching me) I think it was because I was more afraid of being caught and it was "wrong".

    I got caught and after a few months off I got a job and made really good friends with the managers that all smoked.. You have no idea how awesome it is to take someones order high as shit.. especially what we had to say.. "That comes with mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions" Some how I managed and it was always a blast to work with friends stoned :smoke: live life one day at a time.. smoke on man

  8. im smoking a j for you +rep i got expelled from school too so im kinda depressive this times and im tired of selling weed and shit so i wanna get a job haha

  9. haha image made me lol xD

  10. Myself and a few others at GC would like to make your story into a movie.
    Except we would like to add a few fictional occurrences to you know, spice things up.

    First off: Are you enamored by your dealer?
    Two: Let's change the thing about ''smoking weed''. We will replace it with crack. and heroin.
    Finally, how do you feel about wearing costumes?
    And oh, I almost forgot, we will also shoot the film in hi-speed. So that it adapts to the way you wrote it. No commas, no periods, just story.

    Call us.
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    pretty awsome give me some more info on this =)
  12. holy shit dude, you buy a quarter pound a week?

  13. that picture just made me almost fall of my chair LOL
  14. I don't know if you meant a quarter oz a week but a qp a week is insane that means your smoking a little more than a half oz a day and if that's true then you should definitely cut way way back. If you smoking 7grams a week gram a day that's not bad especially if it's mids.

    All that being said whether your smoking a half ounce a day or a gram a day it sounds like your depending on the herb to be happy. I'm assuming your still in high school (don't give a fuck if your underage not trying to call you out or nothin) and high school should be a time when you kinda figure out what you enjoy doing and if all you enjoy is weed take a break from it.

  15. i dont smoke it all alone :O lol i have to sell some too lol

  16. I respect this man's ignorance to all that is sarcasm.
  17. weed changed me too. but i like the new me better. it "grew" rather than "changed".

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