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Weed changed its effects for me

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by RK42Ø, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum. :wave:

    I started smoking 2 years and 6 months ago. When I started smoking I was a very shy boy who had poor social life and social skills, but thanks to weed I started getting more social to the point I managed to have friends and also some girlfriends.

    Back in those days I smoked once or twice a week, but then I started smoking more frequently (15 months ago I started smoking daily). This didn't give me any kind of impairment except some short term memory impairment.

    Anyway, since new year's eve (6 months ago / 2 years after my first hit) weed is not the same for me. I used to love the way it made me feel, I would be happy and relaxed and CONNECTED with everything around me. Now it makes me feel weird, kind of depressed without a reason. But the worst thing is that my social skills are slowly going back to before I started smoking... It's like weed gave me this gift (more connection with people) and now it s taking this gift away from me.

    I decided to quit even if a part of me (the irrational/subconscious one) doesnt want to quit because it hopes that the weed's effects return as they were six months ago. So i dont know what to do, any suggestion/insights? :confusedalt:
  2. Don't smoke weed if it makes you feel that way.
  3. Sorry, I didn't explain it well.
    I still enjoy weed, I said it makes me "kind of depressed" only because it disconnects me from people.
    I would like to mantain the other awesome effects of weed without having this feeling of disconnections. Is it possible? (This feeling hits me even when I smoke alone, maybe it's slight DP/DR I don't know)
  4. Yeah like I said before don't smoke weed if it makes you feel that way.
  5. Wtf didn't you read what I wrote before? I already quit weed but I would like to start smoking again because I'm missing 99% of the weed effects because of ONE single problem and this pisses me off.

    I was asking for a way to avoid the feeling of disconnection because I STILL LIKE the other 99% of the effects of weed.
  6. Yeah I understand what you're saying. Address the issues in your life first and maybe when you get high you won't feel that way.
    I mean I don't know what you're looking for there's not much anyone can say to help you. If you're depressed then you to find the root cause of that.
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  7. Yeah I know what you mean but trust me I have been depressed before and this is not depression. Anyway I guess you're right, the only way to make it stop is to quit smoking.
  8. You need expansion, depression is living in the past and anxiety is living in the future. Getting high allows you to disregard the issues and focus on concepts but you have to utilize that time and not spend it trying to accomplish something. I lost all my friends awhile ago after I came to terms with myself on many aspects of life and I realized that everyone is selfish and everybody wants something from me. Have a nice smoke session and read the book "the power of now". Always look at the bigger picture- when you expect nothing you gain the world
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  9. Thank you man. I meditate (focusing ONLY on my breathe) so I understand you when you talk about mindfulness and presence.

    I also came to the realization that everyone is selfish, even if I don't believe it is necessarily a bad thing.
    I think that the true problem is when people indentify too much with their ego and care only about their appearance (many of them act in front of people (friends, family) and never show their true self. I "lost" many friends because of this.

    I think marijuana has the power to make you transcend your ego (in fact most of my true friends are stoners :love-m3j:) at least to some extent. Now it make me close in my ego like a snail in its shell. I no more feel the oneness with my surroundings and i can't understand why. It's like when I became able to experience Oneness also while sober, my high-self couldn't do it anymore.
  10. Yea confronting our ego is a do or die scenario, thats the point where people develop MPD most often, theres thousands of personalities hidden within us and you cant really abolish them until you reach the God mind. And yea selfishness isnt necessarily bad but its a side effect of greed and increases expectations, and so increases anxiety and our vulnerability to minipulation. If we give our dealer $100 for a dime bag but expected nothing at All then its still a gain and we weren't necessarily tricked at all but only blessed. A true God's only answer is yes
  11. I had an ego-less experience (there was no border between me and the outer world) from a trip in january. After that trip I was scared, but then after i understood I had experienced non-duality/oneness, I recognized that my "mind" is truly infinite and limitless and I'm no longer afraid of it.

    I know what you mean about desire, desire in the form of necessity is attachment and attachment is the only cause of emotional pain. I eliminated those desires, except from weed. Blazin has become a ritual to me... it seems that the only thing I can't take with moderation is weed.

    This is the last chain I must break to be free from my own mind, but i suppose quitting isn't the way to do it because if I quit smoking it doesn't mean that I also eliminate the desire to do it.
  12. Weed just depresses your dopamine level but theres no harm in it. its all about the yin yan, everything we do in life naturally balances itself out. All paths of life are equallh as great, its just thst understanding broadens our perspective
  13. I agree on the balance. There's no harm but no balance, or at least a strange form of balance. Long periods of happyness followed by long periods of sadness (when i smoke everyday) in my opinion is worst than short happiness/sadness periods (when i smoked in moderation). Anyway I would like to manage to smoke in moderation but I can't do it
  14. Tomorrow isnt promised, smoke em if you got em. Its your choice to be happy though, emotions are expressions of lack of control, just gotta kick the dead bodies to the side and keep on keepin on lol
  15. IMO emotions are different states of our inner self, not weaknesses. They exist because living means exploring the outer and inner world, which are the same world (they are different because of the illusion of separation which makes "god" meet and explore itself in different forms).

    Anyway tonight some friends offered me weed and I accepted and smoked two joints with them.
    I didn't feel disconnected. But unfortunately I didn't feel like I was living in the present moment, but like an observer because of overthinking (during the first 2 years of smoking it was the opposite, overthinking when sober and present when high) and this is not morally wrong but it's like wasting the opportunity to live this reality.

    When the high wore off I decided to quit but I have planned to smoke my last joint on tuesday 5th of july, in order to have three days of break to understand if after 2 and 1/2 years of smoking sober life is really better than high life. If I enjoy these three days without smoking, I will decide that being high isn't worh for me anymore and on the fourth day I will smoke my last joint :smoking:

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