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Weed Causing Problems

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by foxforcefive, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Don't get me wrong, I still love smoking. I'll admit that I'm addicted to it, but obviously it's closer to my PS3 level of addiction than it would be to coke or booze, any other drug really. But still, it's a habit and it really, really sucks when I'm dry. Not withdrawal bad, but bad.
    I've been smoking everyday for 4 months, about a gram a day, really never more than two a day. But I use a one-hitter, so I get fucked up on those 1-2 grams all day. My everyday use has brought up latent OCD and social anxiety that I struggled with almost ten years ago.
    My habit is a double-edged sword, because I get high and chill out, but whenever I'm not high I'm a nervous wreck, miserable, overthinking, having irrational thoughts, etc. And my social anxiety is just horrible. Thanks to my foggy head and the fact that I'm sort of always in my own world, I do dumb shit like walk into things, walk into people, say weird shit, get tense and awkward in extended conversations. I generally just do awkward and potentially embarrassing shit. This then leads me to worry about making such slip ups, which just adds to my anxiety, and leads to me doing more awkward shit.
    It's also made me indifferent to most things. Lately I feel little to no pleasure from anything other than video games, writing (I'm a writer), watching movies, and of course, smoking weed. Even food, I can barely muster up the enthusiasm to eat - except when I'm high, of course. So there's another thing I use weed to self-medicate - my apathy.

  2. anything you rely on to heavily will cause you problems unless we are talking about something like air you know.  learn to meditate on what moves you to be a better person and focus only on that- focus and awareness is the key. fuck what anyone else says just put your focus to it!
  3. that's when the beauty of information comes in to play. Are you medicating, or are you getting high? You may not have an option, but I'm just wondering. When I was just smoking whatever I could, I would feel the same way... I mean I still get anxious when I get low! It's my medicine, but not like when I was smoking cigarettes. Anywho's now that I use a more medicinal approach, with continued, regular, targeted use I'm actually able to heal and be better. But if I couldn't target my strains to my needs, I'd be all over the board too. 

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