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Weed causing fainting every time I smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by -FreSh_x3, Nov 21, 2014.

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  2. You must be 18+ to use this forum, just a tip in case you didn't know as you referred to yourself as  'currently in high school.'
    Secondly, it could be the type of cannabis you are consuming. Many fertilizers / other components can effect your 'high' in many ways if grown improperly.
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  4.  gave you the benefit of the doubt and answered your question beforehand, as you didn't initially specify that. I'm sure more blades will chime in with their opinions in no time :)
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  6. do you have ocd or somethin? sounds like you're just giving yourself anxiety
  7. #7 -FreSh_x3, Nov 21, 2014
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  8. You could be dehydrated. :confused_2:  I had a buddy who passed the fuck out because he was stoned and dehydrated. He was pissing while it happened too haha 
    probably just quit for a while like you said...have you had any blood work done recently? still sounds blood pressure related maybe you have an iron deficiency idk
  10. Maybe you're confused about your sexuality? 
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  12. Youre not drinking those idiot energy drinkes are ya? Red Bull..Monster...that shit?
  13. edibles. If you still faint, then MMJ is not for you, sorry.
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  15. Sounds like you have low blood pressure then freak out and give yourself a panic attack.

    When you have the low blood pressure symptoms sit down or lie down and just stay still for a little while. Watch something funny or whatever on TV and relax.

    You should make sure you are drinking enough. Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate you.
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  17. Energy drinks will soon be taken off the market...they contain enough caffeine (a nasty nasty molecule that hypes your blood pressure and also causes tremors and nerve damage if overused or used too often...I and cocacola have caffeine...but not 30 times as much as energy drinks) to cause serious anxiety and worse.....its a real good idea with your symptoms to lay off them...and for gods sake, stop increasing your salt intake as well...thats just damaging your had better take care of yourself dude...weed isnt the the poster above said...hydrate...drink water...not that energy crap...that stuffs just idiot garbage.
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  19. I used to get the dizziness and motion sickness when I would smoke heavy sativas. Now I only do hybrids of indica dominant or straight indica. No more nonsense. Im 30 now, and this was going on when I was around 19-20. That was off of flower. Dabs are a different story. When I took my first dab of some heavy trainwreck, i had to sit down. The dispensary was more than understanding . Twenty minutes and a breakfast burrito later, I was fine and dandy.
    So the sativa's might be your issue. Try out only indica for a bit and see if that helps.
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    Oh my god. I lost three post full of what I wanted to say. But screw it. Orthostatic hypotension. You may stand up too fast. Marijuana can lower your blood pressure considering you are a 'regular' user. But it could be strain dependent. if it gets bad then you should stop, maybe see a doctor. Also you have anxiety. The anxiety could help your blood pool as well. Be calm, everything is normal. Drink water, I didn't read any other post. This is the more likely scenario I could play from your post.

    Good day.

    By blood pooling I mean the blood that causes the orthostatic hypotension. And if you find your self feeling extremely cotton mouth go out and get a powerade/gatorade or something with potassium. Really all I could think of, now.


    Crap! I also meant to say that certain sitting positions can contribute to problems like these so evaluate how you sit. Make sure to keep the blood Uhflowin!

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