Weed causes depression?

Discussion in 'General' started by JJJ420, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. Well, a few days ago, my counselor told me that heavy marijuana smoking (like what i do), will alter the brains construction or something. He said if you smoke alot, it will make you depressed, and cause alot of mental problems. He said that he goes to conventions, and the whole psycological(?) community agrees that weed will cause depression under heavy/daily use. I think he said that it rearranges chemicals in the brain or something to that effect, is there any truth to these statements? Or is he fucking with me?
  2. i'd believe it...
  3. Nope, I don't buy it. The only case I see of it making you depressed is in the case of you already having mental problems.

    I used to smoke heavy, and I was happy as fuck.

  4. *stares blankly*


    i know its a depressant. and it can bring out metal illness' but just dont do it too heavily, or take a brake, get to know yourself off it to prove ur not mad lol.

    1-420 posts :p
  5. i dont smoke heavily but i can see how that would make sense. i smoke often and im a happy go lucky guy.
  6. i think im depressed normally, and after 2 days of being high i stayed sober for the day and felt better than i have in a long time.
  7. Naw dude... most definitely bullshit. I can see how it could make you a little calmer than usual while it's still in your system after smoking constantly for a long time. But like, for example, I just quit for a few days, and I am fucking hyper as hell right now and very happy, so if there are any effects like that, they couldn't possibly be permanent.
  8. ive never heard anything saying that it "rearranges", the chemicals in your brain but i think it can cause depression in some people. but i think it causes depression in some people because if they smoke everyday like you said, then they would be used to being high and feeling great and all that good stuff all the time but then when they are sober they are well.....not high and being sober usually isnt as fun then when you are high. so i think can cause depression...possibly but i dont think it would be true depression where u have a chemical imbalance.
  9. You damn right it does!!

    Smoke everyday for three years, have your dealer quit on you, go dry, and then tell me weed doesnt cause depression!

  10. My partner has no history of mental illness and is happy but forgetful.I on the other hand had a history of depression which was/is made worse by smoking pot but I don't give a shit because pot takes it away all together.We just make sure we don't run out!Happy smoking guys.
  11. Everytime I smoke everyday and then quit I get insomnia. Insomnia causes depression and all that other shit. But after like a week it goes away. It's nothing really serious. Just smoke and don't even care.
  12. it does cause depresstion, my consolor told me the same thing, only she explained it more and drew a picture and everything, pretty much it does mess up the chemicals in ur body, two days after you smoke it you will be mroe depressed, but that isnt everyone, first of all its mostly girls, and it just doesnt effect soem ppl, too bad it effects me
  13. i still dont think we have any idea how all this stuff works. doctors from hundreds of years from now will look back and be like...what were they thingking? lol kinda like bloodletting and asbestos. it might cause you a minor feeling of being down but after the 3rd day i've always been completly back to normal in all respects..check back with me in 20 years to tell for sure :)
  14. maybe in heavy doses it's a depressant (though it didn't make me depressed from smoking every day...) but in little doses it's an ANTI- depressant.
  15. it's not a depressant. It has some depressant properties, but it does not fit in the depressant category. And it usually seems like the more often I smoke, the happier I am.
  16. ive done a little reading on this to find somthing that says marijuana does NOT cause deperession,,,,all i found was info stating that it DOES. whoever said its moreso in girls is also what ive read.
    im still looking

    *edit part of the problem being not knowing if it actually causes depression or depressed people tend to smoke. kinda like the chicken and the egg
  17. Marijuana does NOT cause depression.....life does! :)

  18. i was going for a scientific study, but hey :D

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