Weed, Cannabis, Pot.. What do you call it??

Discussion in 'General' started by krux`, Apr 8, 2004.


What do you call your stuff most often?

  1. Ganja

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  2. Weed

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  3. Pot

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  4. Cannabis

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  5. Marijuana

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  6. Dope

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  7. Other

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  1. i Generally refer to it as cannabis, just doesnt have as many negative connotations in my opinion, anyone??
  2. cant say weed since there are hardly any around where i live...
    DOPE or DRAW or HASH for me :D
  3. Yeah I wish they were trees, I was high lookin at a few spruces the other day, and was thinking how nice it would be to just walk over there and pull a bud off of it, cause it looked like it.... But anyways, I call it weed most often (a most commonly used general term), occasionaly grass, once in a while ganj, and never have I called it the magic dragon - though i'd like a puff often... :D
  4. bud, herb, herbskeez, greenz, dank, do-do, sticky....i could go on, Cali gotta lotta names for marijuana.......
  5. I dont know who the hell started "pot" but i think its a ridiculous word. Green, herb, bud..those are all related to marijuana but pot? What the fuck is that? Someone please send me a reason why "pot" is used.
  6. weed, bud, trees, sticky icky icky, marihuana (accent on the h), and that's about it.
  7. pot is a term that was devised in the 40's by people like Ansligner and other people that had major affiliation to the government, in specific drug repression. it's a term that is very negative, and makes no sense, kind of like acid or crack.
  8. actually there's a reason acid is called acid. Now, if I could only remember the chemical name for lsd I'd tell you why.

    I usually call it pot, sometimes bud.
  9. i call it ..the dirty weed
  10. the chemical name for LSD is like lythemnic-dylsergic acid

    there fore acid ..er i think
  11. It's Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, and i wasn't referring to the unknown term of the substance, but rather the derogatory term its taken on due to the drug war propaganda. nothing more
  12. theres 2 types of acid......

    kinda of a random statement, but i just had to say it.....
  13. If you're referring to typical 'acid' and LSD-25 you are incorrect, LSD-25 is a pure, pharmaceutically synthesized and typical street 'acid'. i would not consider these types, but varations on the same kind

  14. i have been corrected.......
  15. i only call it weed
  16. weed and green are the most popular round here, then pot but we dont get colorful with names
  17. Bah, I call it anything I want to call it. I never pick just one name for it, because it simply can't be described by one name alone!

  18. Depends...

    There's LSA, and then there's LSD.

    LSA is schedule III, LSD is schedule I.

    LSA can be ingested to trip from, but since it is not refined like LSD, it is roughly 10 times less potent, and acts differently.

    As far was what was said about "LSD"+"Street Acid" argument: it's correct, since nobody can be quite sure what they're getting in a hit unless they either make it themselves or analyze it in a lab.
  19. usually its ganj for me..... cant remember what the hell i picked on the poll though... yuh;/ [​IMG]

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