Weed can be anything

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  1. I remember when I first used to cheef, the effects were literally magical. Id cheef, and suddenly, everything was funny, interesting, beautiful. My room turned magical, Id lay in bed, turn on the ceiling fan, and watch it spin, and it just felt so great. Oh lets not even mention how great sexual stimulation felt. I'd close my eyes and used to get crazy ass CEVs. My focus and concentration was up, my creativity was high. I had no worry while on it.

    And then I moved to a bad part of town. Weed got me paranoid, fearful, scared, it was such a nightmare each time I smoked that I quit.

    Then I got used to the town, grew a lot emotionally, become more stable, and now, weed is like a inner strenght/confidence booster. Weed now allows me to completely come out and accomplish anything.

    But the effects of weed as they were the first time are gone. I used to get a lovely electrical feeling. Id tap my foot, and Id feel the signals traveling up my body. My movements were slower, my body was warmer, I always giggled.

    Things have changed, now, weed just makes me a super me. And I've learned that I can just tap into super me without weed, but weed just helps extensively in overcoming barriers, and surpassing previously thought to be limits.

    The worst was when paranoid on weed because I was in bad part of town. I would shake hard, my whole body would literally turn freezing cold, I would keep losing control, everything kept flashing, focus and concentration were non existinant, its as if Id completely just gone to hell.

    But yea, thats how weed has been for me. Just throwin it out, I guess one can feel anything with weed if the wish, only its stronger and more pronounced.
  2. i can agree with highs changing
    ive never had a paranoid freak out while high
    but i used to feel physically amazing when i first started blazing
    years later here i sit , and when i get stoned i no longer feel an electric feeling in my body
    but i do feel more at peace in my head
    and yeah i can reach that place without weed trippy as it sounds, weed makes it wayyy better tho
  3. Yea, with weed, I feel just completely high with life, and of course, even without it, I can just tap into it if it is needed at the moment, say there are attractive girls and I want to get into them.
  4. Bro i'm too twisted to comprehend the knowledge bomb that you is droppin on me
  5. There is no intelligence to absorb, I just claimed how wrote feels like in different scenarios.

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