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weed cafe's in toronto

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by terodude, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. i'd like to ask if there are any weed cafe's in toronto just as there are starting to be in vancouver
  2. vancouver has weed cafe's. i know where i am going
  3. Hell yeah I plan on going to Vancouver for like a week. Maybe this summer -- I know I definitely want to go soon. I remember watching the Serena show on MTV that was about weed and thinking "Damn, that's fuckin cool. Go to a special cafe just for toking and be able to buy weed easier and cheaper". Good shit right there.
  4. ..Where the fuck do you guys hear all the crazy rumors about Vancouver?

    there arent weed cafes.. it isnt even legal

    theres just so much bud everywhere that the cops wont bother arresting you for possesion
  5. yea...holland is the only place weed is legal that I know of.
  6. Yes there are a few. Some in the kensington area as well as hotbox cafe but im not sure the address on that. a quick google will tell you.
  7. 5 year bump ftl

  8. Fun fact, Its not legal. Just the people ignored it enough where it became the state it is in today.

  9. fuck well wow, how the hell did i even get into a thread this old.
  10. No weed cafe's in Toronto

    There are several pot-friendly venues, that's all. It's strictly BYOP
  11. The Vapour lounge!FTW.
  12. theres a vapour lounge in Vancover, you just can't buy, only smoke. There use to be one in London,Ont but it got closed down,
  13. There aren't weed cafe's per-say but what you have is the hot-box cafe in China Town (don't ask), you also have the kindred-cafe on yonge and wellsley. Both of those places with allow you to smoke inside or on their property but will not sell you any weed. The kindred will however sell you indica bars imported from Amsterdam (highly recommended), weed brownies, cookies and shakes. They also have rooms for rent (something like $7 and hour and you get a sweet room with leather couches and a big plasma screen and you can plan video games on the xbox there and other stuff too. Finally there is the "G-13 'Church'" located near queen and lakeshore. If you "join" their church, you will be allowed to purchase pot from there, and they have all sorts of strains for all sorts of prices. The catch is that you have to be sworn in as a member of this creepy-fake-religion where all these guys there will refer to you as brother this and sister that. Harmless, but creepy never the less.
  14. Haha, that's Kensington Market, bro. It's just North of China Town.

    Very creepy.

    The Church of Scientology at Younge and Bloor is less creppy than that place :p
  15. ouch...Good eye, didn't notice how old this was.

    let the thread die like it should have 5 years ago
  16. damn all the way from 2003
  17. Smokin' a stick of that Barney but not that purple dinosaur, that shit that *****z are dyin for that my *****z ridin' on, savs with the windows up see the smoke pour out, soon as I open the door, soon as I go to the sto' boys is like whoa, who got it?
  18. ive heard about them from a bunch of people but i dont where any of them are.
  19. Ye, I guess your from the area too. I heard the Hot Box cafe was expensive and didn't treat the customers that well.

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