weed bust here in WI

Discussion in 'General' started by LilWyte2590, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. apparantly there was a weed bust in wisconsin today or yesterday.and that fuckin sucks,all my dealers have been saying its gonna be dry for awhile! what am i to do!??!??! lol
  2. How many people were indicted? and how much marijuana was seized?

    But as far as what you're gonna do, order some seeds online and grow. Even though that's still a good couple months sober.

    I'm sure you'll be able to find something, even if it is shit.
  3. from what i heard,only one guy was caught.

    the thing is,the dumbass was speeding with around 50 pounds or so.
    this is only what ive heard tho.
  4. LOL! It's always the most moronic people driving around drugs. What part of Wisconsin you from?
  5. west allis.
  6. I doubt a one person bust of 50 pounds is gonna dry up the entire state
  7. yeah your right,but still
  8. Yeah we got plenty of good buds here in MN selling for 35 - 40 an 8th so some of it will probably trickle over to WI. I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. Shit dude I live in Wisconsin too.. I get weed every thursday.. so hopefully my contacts aint out...
  10. where in WI are you chillin?

  11. Ozaukee County.. near Port Washington, Saukville, and Grafton.. not sure if you know where that is at.:smoking:
  12. Representin the lower east side of the state right here!! 5 minutes away from the Illinois border. Where did this bust take place?
  13. i dont really know where it took place.
  14. word, im from like 45 min north of milwaukee
  15. I never heard of it. I live in grant county though.
  16. Sheboygan weed is pretty good suppose.

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