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weed burns really fast?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wanmower, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. I have 2 different dealers. one of them is really exact and sells exactly 1/8 of super amazing talking about fire.$40. my other dealer really hooks it up because hes a friend. like he'll eye ball a generous amount. but the problem is, i dont know about his weed. im convinced that he sprays it to make it smell better. the bud itself looks alright, has crystals but not too hairy and feels a little dry.not to mention it burns really quickly.

    is it possible to spray weed to make it smell better and burn faster? or is it just the weed?
  2. ya it's possible. u should tell him u'd rather get it unsprayed personally. it might taste worse i GUESS but it'll smoke better and won't have chemicals on it...
  3. Normally bud will burn faster the quicker it's dried so it's an indication that maybe he's drying it in the oven or something. I've never heard of a dealer wasting money on some "weed cologne" just to make some shit smell better but if he's a friend just ask him and request spray free bud. Fuck how it smells, it's how it hits you!
  4. I think you have some dry ass bud. He probably isn't spraying it with anything, it's just good bud but it's dry as hell.
  5. buy from the other guy. theres a reason he gives u exactly 1/8 when u ask for 1/8. its fire.
  6. What BlazedSuperman said.
  7. Ask him if he spray the weed, and then tell him to stop :smoke:
  8. just put he bud with some oj peel or lemon peel or something. Get some more moisture in it. I will keep bud for awhile and it will end up dry as fuck. Burns really fast and hits harsher then pervously
  9. If the other guy has the goods, fuck getting an extra joint or so eyeballed if you're thinkin it's sprayed with shit. I heard before that if the bus was dried faster than it should be or something it will burn fast. Idk though.

    I'd go with the good exact stuff.

    EDIT: Yeah, just saw another post saying that about burning faster I posted.
  10. Doubt he is spraying it. If your in Cali, theres bud everywhere why would a dealer need to spray bud to make it smell better? Ive had super dank buds that sometimes are so dry it'll just crumble up. Still Smells amazing and will get you super high. May burn fast but obviously because its dry. If hes your friend talk to him about it. Ask him why its so dry and burns fast.

  11. none of us know for sure whats up with it. We dont have pics, know ur dealer, or how it smokes exactly. He is ur friends so go to the direct source. Its the only way to get the truth.
  12. ask him.


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