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Weed burning reallyyyy fast?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by amandamcmadrox, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Ok.. so, I usually smoke out of a bowl. I've been smoking a bowl a night for a few months now and usually obviously, I end up having to light it a bunch. Welllll... tonight I got some shit that was pretty fluffy and you only had to light the bowl twice before it was done because it just fucking kept burning REALLY fast. I don't know what that means.. sooo.. yeah! Help me out here =]
  2. I have smoked weed that burned really fast too. It was hard to get it to go out, actually I would have to deprive it of oxygen just to make it stop burning. It had its advantages though you could take massive hits and smoke really fast.

    Maybe its dry?
    Maybe the fluffy thing has something to do with it?
  3. Are you talking about cherrying a bowl? I don't quite understand what you mean.
  4. It was just really dry bud most likely.
  5. Well it wasn't dry so idunno.. haha. But yeah lol I couldn't get it to stop either. I mean, it did the trick but it was just weird.
  6. Well usually the better the weed the faster and better it burns but that might be burning to fast.
  7. Sounds like Sativa dominant or a poorly grown indica. Sativas tend to be fluffier compared to the extreme densness of indicas. Hybrids can go either way.

    Edit: sativas will burn up much quicker compared to Indicas also. A full bowl of Sativa could burn up in 2-3 hits compared to indica lasting 5-6 hits.
  8. I would say where its fluffy and not as dense is why it seems to burn faster. IMO fluffy bud packs a bowl with less weight then dense bud. So with that fluff bud you may be only packing .2 grams where with dense bud your packing .5 grams. This is just a guess though but that is what i came up with when my fluffy buds burned in 2 seconds. Also try barley lighting the bud.Light the bud like a cig and see if that helps
  9. How did you pack it?

    I notice that when I take the time to actually pack a bowl decently, it usually burns at a great speed and cherries for almost the entire bowl.
  10. the bruning of weed depends on how dry it is and how dense it is, if you roll a fatty of some sticky dense bomb i garantee you that will go around quite a few times..
  11. If you break it up really fine it burns a lot quicker also.

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